jacobiandouble.hpp File Reference

#include <kdl/jacobianexpr.hpp>
#include <math.h>
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class  KDL::BinaryOp< OpAdd, double, double >
class  KDL::BinaryOp< OpAtan2, double, double >
class  KDL::BinaryOp< OpDiv, double, double >
class  KDL::BinaryOp< OpMult, double, double >
class  KDL::BinaryOp< OpSub, double, double >
class  KDL::UnaryOp< OpAbs, double >
class  KDL::UnaryOp< OpAcos, double >
class  KDL::UnaryOp< OpAsin, double >
class  KDL::UnaryOp< OpAtan, double >
class  KDL::UnaryOp< OpCos, double >
class  KDL::UnaryOp< OpExp, double >
class  KDL::UnaryOp< OpLog, double >
class  KDL::UnaryOp< OpNegate, double >
class  KDL::UnaryOp< OpSin, double >
class  KDL::UnaryOp< OpSqrt, double >
class  KDL::UnaryOp< OpTan, double >


namespace  KDL


#define INLINE2

Detailed Description

The classes defined in this file are normally never used by the user of this library. They are used to implement the operations on Jacobian<double>.

OPERATIONS implemented on Jacobian<double> : binary operators : + - * / atan2 unary operators : - sin cos asin acos exp log sqrt atan abs

Definition in file jacobiandouble.hpp.

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#define INLINE2

Definition at line 35 of file jacobiandouble.hpp.

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