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class WaitFor

A WaitFor event encompasses having the robot sit in place and wait for a period of time to pass.

The Model of this event may be useful for calculating the Models of other phases that include a period of time where the robot is waiting for a process to finish. E.g. the PickUp and DropOff Models use WaitFor::Model to calculate how much the robot’s battery drains while waiting for the payload to be transferred.

Public Types

using DescriptionPtr = std::shared_ptr<Description>
using ConstDescriptionPtr = std::shared_ptr<const Description>
class Description : public rmf_task_sequence::Activity::Description

Public Functions

Description(rmf_traffic::Duration duration_)


rmf_traffic::Duration duration() const

Get the duration of the wait.

Description &duration(rmf_traffic::Duration new_duration)

Set the duration of the wait.

virtual Activity::ConstModelPtr make_model(rmf_task::State invariant_initial_state, const rmf_task::Parameters &parameters) const final

Generate a Model for this Activity based on its description, parameters, and the invariants of its initial state.

  • invariant_initial_state[in] A partial state that represents the state components which will definitely be true when this Activity begins.

  • parameters[in] The parameters for the robot.


a model based on the given start state and parameters.

virtual rmf_task::Header generate_header(const rmf_task::State &initial_state, const rmf_task::Parameters &parameters) const final

Generate human-friendly header information for this Activity.

  • initial_state[in] The expected initial state when the activity begins

  • parameters[in] Parameters of the robot during the Activity

Public Static Functions

static DescriptionPtr make(rmf_traffic::Duration wait_duration)

Make a WaitFor phase description


wait_duration[in] The duration of time that the phase should be waiting.