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class Placeholder

A Placeholder event takes care of the boilerplate needed to define a description for an event whose model does not matter and will not be used for planning. The model generated by this description will not perform any changes to the task state, and it will provide an estimated duration of 0.

class Description : public rmf_task_sequence::Activity::Description

Public Functions

Description(std::string category, std::string detail)
virtual Activity::ConstModelPtr make_model(rmf_task::State invariant_initial_state, const rmf_task::Parameters &parameters) const override

Generate a Model for this Activity based on its description, parameters, and the invariants of its initial state.

  • invariant_initial_state[in] A partial state that represents the state components which will definitely be true when this Activity begins.

  • parameters[in] The parameters for the robot.


a model based on the given start state and parameters.

virtual rmf_task::Header generate_header(const rmf_task::State &initial_state, const rmf_task::Parameters &parameters) const override

Generate human-friendly header information for this Activity.

  • initial_state[in] The expected initial state when the activity begins

  • parameters[in] Parameters of the robot during the Activity