Remapping camera_info Topics

When a camera_info topic is needed, an image_transport camera subscriber is typically used. ROS convention for naming camera_info topics is:

  • camera/image - an image in namespace camera.

  • camera/camera_info - the associated camera info.

So if a node subscribes to a topic called image, and the user remaps this to my_camera/image, then the associated camera info will be automatically remapped to mycamera/camera_info.

Most ROS 2 camera drivers will follow the convention, but occasionally they do not. In this case, you will have to manually remap the camera_info - but due to the way that ROS 2 remapping works you have to use the fully resolved camera info topic. An example:

  • image is remapped to my_camera/image.

  • The fully resolved name for the camera info is now my_camera/camera_info.

  • If your camera driver actually publishes another_ns/camera_info, then you would have to remap my_camera/camera_info to another_ns/camera_info.