The image_pipeline stack is designed to process raw camera images into useful inputs to vision algorithms: rectified mono/color images, stereo disparity images, and stereo point clouds. Components include:

  • Calibration: Cameras must be calibrated in order to relate the images they produce to the three-dimensional world. The camera_calibration package provides tools to calibrate monocular and stereo cameras in your ROS system. The Camera Info page provides a detailed description of the parameters used by the pipeline.

  • Monocular processing: The raw image stream can be piped through the image_proc node to remove camera distortion. The node also performs color interpolation for Bayer pattern color cameras.

  • Stereo processing: The stereo_image_proc package performs the duties of image_proc for a pair of cameras co-calibrated for stereo vision. It also uses stereo processing to produce disparity images and point clouds.

  • Depth processing: depth_image_proc provides components for processing depth images (as produced by the Kinect, time-of-flight cameras, etc.), such as producing point clouds.

  • Visualization: The image_view package provides a lightweight alternative to rviz2 for viewing an image topic. It also includes a stereo_view tool for viewing stereo pairs and disparity images.

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