Changelog Notes

While there is an official changelog for each package, this page summarizes the major changes between distributions

Changes in Jazzy Jalisco

There are several major change between Iron and Jazzy:

  • All components now properly support image_transport paramter, or depth_image_transport parameter if the topic is a depth image. In most places, this consists of simply adding the parameter, or making the parameter work, however two cases should be noted where the parameter was renamed:

    • image_view::ExtractImages: incorrectly named parameter transport was renamed to more consistent image_transport.

    • imaeg_view::StereoView: incorrectly named parameter transport was renamed to more consistent image_transport.

  • Improvements to QoS support:

    • Most components now support QoS overrides via ROS 2 parameters

    • The use_system_default_qos parameter has been removed from stereo_image_proc::DisparityNode and stereo_image_proc::PointCloudNode as the QoS overrides are the newer, preferred method.

  • All components now properly support remapping the camera_info topic for an associated image topic. For instance, if you remap image to my/image then my/camera_info will be used. Previously you would have to manually remap the camera_info topic. See also Remapping camera_info Topics.

  • The input of depth_image_proc/point_cloud_xyz_radial is renamed from image_raw to depth/image_raw for consistency.

  • The inputs of depth_image_proc/point_cloud_xyzrgb_radial are renamed from depth_registered/image_rect to depth/image_raw and rgb/image_rect_color to rgb/image_raw to make clear that the unrectified camera projection matrix is used, and for consistency with other radial nodes.

  • The boolen parameter full_dp from the DisparityNode has been deleted and a new integer parameter sgbm_mode added to enable all the variations of the stereo matching algorithm SGBM available from the OpenCV library.