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tf2 Tutorials

Many of the tf2 tutorials are available for both C++ and Python. The tutorials are streamlined to complete either the C++ track or the Python track. If you want to learn both C++ and Python, you should go through the tutorials once for C++ and once for Python.

Workspace Setup

If you have not yet created a workspace in which to complete the tutorials, follow this tutorial.

Learning tf2

  1. Introduction to tf2.

    This tutorial will give you a good idea of what tf2 can do for you. It shows off some of the tf2 power in a multi-robot example using turtlesim. This also introduces using tf2_echo, view_frames, and rviz.

  2. Writing a tf2 static broadcaster (Python).

    This tutorial teaches you how to broadcast static coordinate frames to tf2.

  3. Writing a tf2 broadcaster (Python).

    This tutorial teaches you how to broadcast the state of a robot to tf2.

  4. Writing a tf2 listener (Python).

    This tutorial teaches you how to use tf2 to get access to frame transformations.