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euclidean_distance.h File Reference

ART Euclidean distance functions. More...

#include <art/epsilon.h>
#include <art/infinity.h>
#include <art_map/types.h>
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namespace  Euclidean


void Euclidean::DistanceFromLine (float cx, float cy, float ax, float ay, float bx, float by, float &distanceSegment, float &distanceLine)
void Euclidean::DistanceFromLine (const MapXY &c, const MapXY &a, const MapXY &b, float &distanceSegment, float &distanceLine)
float Euclidean::DistanceTo (MapPose p1, MapPose p2)
float Euclidean::DistanceTo (float p1x, float p1y, float p2x, float p2y)
float Euclidean::DistanceTo (MapXY p1, MapXY p2)
float Euclidean::DistanceToTime (float distance, float speed)
float Euclidean::DistanceToWaypt (const MapPose &pose, const WayPointNode &waypt)
float Euclidean::DistanceToWaypt (MapXY point, const WayPointNode &waypt)
float Euclidean::DistanceToWaypt (Polar polar, const MapPose &origin, const WayPointNode &waypt)
bool Euclidean::point_in_line_segment (MapXY point, MapXY lp1, MapXY lp2)

Detailed Description

ART Euclidean distance functions.

Definition in file euclidean_distance.h.

Author(s): David Li, Patrick Beeson, Bartley Gillen, Tarun Nimmagadda, Mickey Ristroph, Michael Quinlan, Jack O'Quin
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