planning_environment Namespace Reference


class  CollisionModels
 A class capable of loading a robot model from the parameter server. More...
class  CollisionSpaceMonitor
 CollisionSpaceMonitor is a class which in addition to being aware of a robot model, is also aware of a collision space. More...
class  EnvironmentServer
class  EnvironmentServerSetup
 Configuration of actions that need to actuate parts of the robot. More...
class  JointConstraintEvaluator
class  JointStateMonitor
class  KinematicConstraintEvaluator
class  KinematicConstraintEvaluatorSet
class  KinematicModelStateMonitor
 KinematicModelStateMonitor is a class that monitors the robot state for the kinematic model defined in RobotModels If the pose is not included, the robot state is the frame of the link it attaches to the world. If the pose is included, the frame of the robot is the one in which the pose is published. More...
class  OrientationConstraintEvaluator
class  PlanningMonitor
class  PositionConstraintEvaluator
class  RobotModels
 A class capable of loading a robot model from the parameter server. More...
class  VisibilityConstraintEvaluator


shapes::Shape * constructObject (const geometric_shapes_msgs::Shape &obj)
bool constructObjectMsg (const shapes::Shape *shape, geometric_shapes_msgs::Shape &obj, double padding=0.0)
bool createConstraintRegionFromMsg (const geometric_shapes_msgs::Shape &constraint_region_shape, const geometry_msgs::Pose &constraint_region_pose, boost::scoped_ptr< bodies::Body > &body)
static double maxCoord (const geometry_msgs::Point32 &point)

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Ioan Sucan
Sachin Chitta

Function Documentation

shapes::Shape * planning_environment::constructObject ( const geometric_shapes_msgs::Shape &  obj  ) 
Ioan Sucan

Definition at line 41 of file construct_object.cpp.

bool planning_environment::constructObjectMsg ( const shapes::Shape *  shape,
geometric_shapes_msgs::Shape &  obj,
double  padding = 0.0 

Definition at line 101 of file construct_object.cpp.

bool planning_environment::createConstraintRegionFromMsg ( const geometric_shapes_msgs::Shape &  constraint_region_shape,
const geometry_msgs::Pose &  constraint_region_pose,
boost::scoped_ptr< bodies::Body > &  body 

Definition at line 141 of file kinematic_state_constraint_evaluator.cpp.

static double planning_environment::maxCoord ( const geometry_msgs::Point32 &  point  )  [inline, static]

Definition at line 54 of file collision_space_monitor.cpp.

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