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AutoBalancer.cpp File Reference

autobalancer component $Date$ More...

#include <rtm/CorbaNaming.h>
#include <hrpModel/Link.h>
#include <hrpModel/Sensor.h>
#include <hrpModel/ModelLoaderUtil.h>
#include "AutoBalancer.h"
#include <hrpModel/JointPath.h>
#include <hrpUtil/MatrixSolvers.h>
#include "hrpsys/util/Hrpsys.h"
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#define DEBUGP   ((m_debugLevel==1 && loop%200==0) || m_debugLevel > 1 )
#define DEBUGP2   (false)
#define deg2rad(deg)   (deg * M_PI / 180)
#define rad2deg(rad)   (rad * 180 / M_PI)


typedef coil::Guard< coil::MutexGuard


void AutoBalancerInit (RTC::Manager *manager)
void calcWeightedLinearEquation (hrp::dvector &ret, const hrp::dmatrix &A, const hrp::dmatrix &W, const hrp::dvector &b)
static std::ostream & operator<< (std::ostream &os, const struct RTC::Time &tm)


static const char * autobalancer_spec []

Detailed Description

autobalancer component $Date$


Definition in file AutoBalancer.cpp.

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#define DEBUGP   ((m_debugLevel==1 && loop%200==0) || m_debugLevel > 1 )

Definition at line 431 of file AutoBalancer.cpp.

#define DEBUGP2   (false)

Definition at line 433 of file AutoBalancer.cpp.

#define deg2rad (   deg)    (deg * M_PI / 180)

Definition at line 2091 of file AutoBalancer.cpp.

#define rad2deg (   rad)    (rad * 180 / M_PI)

Definition at line 2088 of file AutoBalancer.cpp.

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Definition at line 20 of file AutoBalancer.cpp.

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Definition at line 2304 of file AutoBalancer.cpp.

Definition at line 2173 of file AutoBalancer.cpp.

static std::ostream& operator<< ( std::ostream &  os,
const struct RTC::Time &  tm 
) [static]

Definition at line 43 of file AutoBalancer.cpp.

Variable Documentation

const char* autobalancer_spec[] [static]
Initial value:
        "implementation_id", "AutoBalancer",
        "type_name",         "AutoBalancer",
        "description",       "autobalancer component",
        "version",           HRPSYS_PACKAGE_VERSION,
        "vendor",            "AIST",
        "category",          "example",
        "activity_type",     "DataFlowComponent",
        "max_instance",      "10",
        "language",          "C++",
        "lang_type",         "compile",
        "conf.default.debugLevel", "0",

Definition at line 25 of file AutoBalancer.cpp.

Author(s): AIST, Fumio Kanehiro
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