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base_text_stream.hpp [code]Base interface for text streams
clear_screen.hpp [code]Really crude hack to clear the screen
console_streams.cpp [code]Demo for the console streams
console_streams.hpp [code]Convenience handles for console textstreams
end_of_line.hpp [code]The familiar end of line manipulator, but as a c++ class
file_streams.cpp [code]Unit Test for the file streams
file_streams.hpp [code]Convenience handles for file textstreams
input_text_stream.hpp [code]Input text streaming interface and implementation
log_stream.cpp [code]Customised logging implementation
log_stream.hpp [code]Macro enabled, fast logging stream
log_streams.cpp [code]Demo for log streams
manipulator.hpp [code]Parent template definition for stream manipulators
manipulators.cpp [code]Manipulators for text streams
manipulators.hpp [code]Simple manipulators that operate on text streams
output_text_stream.hpp [code]Output text streaming interface and implementation
serial_stream.hpp [code]Convenience handle for serial textstreams
shared_file_stream.hpp [code]Convenience handles for shared file textstreams
socket_streams.hpp [code]Convenience handles for socket textstreams
streams.hpp [code]C++ style streams for ecl devices
string_stream.hpp [code]Convenience handle for virtual string streams
string_streams.cpp [code]Unit Test for the string stream
text_stream.hpp [code]Convenience header for various text streams

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