Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
ecl::interfaces::BaseTextStream< Device >Parent class for text stream functionality
ecl::ClearScreenManipulator that clears a terminal screen the c++ (hard) way
ecl::EndOfLineReplicates the well known end of line/flush combination
ecl::interfaces::InputTextStream< Device, InputDevice >Parent template for input text streams
ecl::interfaces::InputTextStream< Device, true >Input text stream interface
ecl::LogStreamA customised textstream for fast, multithreaded logging to file
ecl::Manipulator< Derived >Parent template for c++ style stream manipulators
ecl::OFileStreamConvenience class for OFile TextStream definitions
ecl::interfaces::OutputTextStream< Device, OutputDevice >Parent template for output text streams
ecl::interfaces::OutputTextStream< Device, true >Output text stream interface
ecl::SerialStreamConvenience class for Serial TextStream definitions
ecl::SharedFileStreamConvenience class for SharedFile TextStream definitions
ecl::SocketClientStreamConvenience class for SocketClient TextStream definitions
ecl::SocketServerStreamConvenience class for SocketServer TextStream definitions
ecl::StringStreamConvenience wrapper for string device based textstreams
ecl::TextStream< Device >A text streaming interface

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