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stereo_image_proc Namespace Reference


class  DisparityNodelet
class  PointCloud2Nodelet
struct  StereoImageSet
class  StereoProcessor


bool isValidPoint (const cv::Vec3f &pt)
cv::Mat subsampleTheImage (const cv::Mat &input_image, const uint32_t downsample_factor_per_dimension)
cv::Mat upsampleTheDisparityImageWithoutInterpolation (const cv::Mat &disparity, const cv::Size &destination_size, const uint32_t upsample_factor_per_dimension)

Function Documentation

◆ isValidPoint()

bool stereo_image_proc::isValidPoint ( const cv::Vec3f &  pt)

Definition at line 161 of file processor.cpp.

◆ subsampleTheImage()

cv::Mat stereo_image_proc::subsampleTheImage ( const cv::Mat &  input_image,
const uint32_t  downsample_factor_per_dimension 

Definition at line 204 of file disparity.cpp.

◆ upsampleTheDisparityImageWithoutInterpolation()

cv::Mat stereo_image_proc::upsampleTheDisparityImageWithoutInterpolation ( const cv::Mat &  disparity,
const cv::Size &  destination_size,
const uint32_t  upsample_factor_per_dimension 

Definition at line 237 of file disparity.cpp.

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