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tf2::TransformAccum Struct Reference

Public Member Functions

void accum (bool source)
void finalize (WalkEnding end, ros::Time _time)
CompactFrameID gather (TimeCacheInterfacePtr cache, ros::Time time, std::string *error_string)
 TransformAccum ()

Public Attributes

tf2::Quaternion result_quat
tf2::Vector3 result_vec
tf2::Quaternion source_to_top_quat
tf2::Vector3 source_to_top_vec
TransformStorage st
tf2::Quaternion target_to_top_quat
tf2::Vector3 target_to_top_vec
ros::Time time

Detailed Description

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ TransformAccum()

tf2::TransformAccum::TransformAccum ( )

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Member Function Documentation

◆ accum()

void tf2::TransformAccum::accum ( bool  source)

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◆ finalize()

void tf2::TransformAccum::finalize ( WalkEnding  end,
ros::Time  _time 

Definition at line 548 of file buffer_core.cpp.

◆ gather()

CompactFrameID tf2::TransformAccum::gather ( TimeCacheInterfacePtr  cache,
ros::Time  time,
std::string *  error_string 

Definition at line 524 of file buffer_core.cpp.

Member Data Documentation

◆ result_quat

tf2::Quaternion tf2::TransformAccum::result_quat

Definition at line 587 of file buffer_core.cpp.

◆ result_vec

tf2::Vector3 tf2::TransformAccum::result_vec

Definition at line 588 of file buffer_core.cpp.

◆ source_to_top_quat

tf2::Quaternion tf2::TransformAccum::source_to_top_quat

Definition at line 582 of file buffer_core.cpp.

◆ source_to_top_vec

tf2::Vector3 tf2::TransformAccum::source_to_top_vec

Definition at line 583 of file buffer_core.cpp.

◆ st

TransformStorage tf2::TransformAccum::st

Definition at line 580 of file buffer_core.cpp.

◆ target_to_top_quat

tf2::Quaternion tf2::TransformAccum::target_to_top_quat

Definition at line 584 of file buffer_core.cpp.

◆ target_to_top_vec

tf2::Vector3 tf2::TransformAccum::target_to_top_vec

Definition at line 585 of file buffer_core.cpp.

◆ time

ros::Time tf2::TransformAccum::time

Definition at line 581 of file buffer_core.cpp.

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