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 Cwarehouse_ros::DatabaseLoaderThis class provides the mechanism to connect to a database and reads needed ROS parameters when appropriate
 Cwarehouse_ros::ResultIterator< M >
 Cwarehouse_ros::MessageCollection< M >
 Cwarehouse_ros::MessageCollection< tf::tfMessage >
 Cwarehouse_ros::MetadataRepresents metadata attached to a message
 Cwarehouse_ros::QueryRepresents a query to the db
 Cwarehouse_ros::QueryResults< M >
 Cwarehouse_ros::WarehouseRosExceptionA base class for all warehouse_ros exceptions; provides a handy boost::format parent constructor
 Cwarehouse_ros::DbConnectExceptionCouldn't connect to database
 Cwarehouse_ros::Md5SumExceptionDifferent md5 sum for messages
 Cwarehouse_ros::NoMatchingMessageExceptionCouldn't find matching message in collection
 Cwarehouse_ros::MessageWithMetadata< M >Class that wraps (via inheritance) a ROS message type, together with additional metadata (a yaml dictionary)

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