Todo List
Member nodelet::detail::CallbackQueueManager::QueueInfo::thread_index
Could get rid of st_mutex by updating [thread_index|in_thread] atomically
Member nodelet::detail::CallbackQueueManager::ThreadInfo::queue_mutex
SRSW lockfree queue
Member nodelet::detail::CallbackQueueManager::V_Queue
SRMW lockfree queue. waiting_mutex_ has the potential for a lot of contention
Member nodelet::detail::CallbackQueueManager::V_ThreadInfo
Use cache-aligned allocator for thread_info_
Member nodelet::Loader::Loader (bool provide_ros_api=true)
Instance of ROS API-related constructors, just take #threads for the manager
Class nodelet::LoaderROS
Consider moving this to nodelet executable, it's implemented entirely on top of Loader
Member nodelet::ManagedNodelet::ManagedNodelet (const NodeletPtr &nodelet, detail::CallbackQueueManager *cqm)
Maybe addQueue/removeQueue should be done by CallbackQueue

Author(s): Tully Foote, Radu Bogdan Rusu
autogenerated on Mon Feb 18 2019 03:26:46