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global_planner::DijkstraExpansion Class Reference

#include <dijkstra.h>

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Public Member Functions

bool calculatePotentials (unsigned char *costs, double start_x, double start_y, double end_x, double end_y, int cycles, float *potential)
 DijkstraExpansion (PotentialCalculator *p_calc, int nx, int ny)
void setNeutralCost (unsigned char neutral_cost)
void setPreciseStart (bool precise)
void setSize (int nx, int ny)
 Sets or resets the size of the map. More...
 ~DijkstraExpansion ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from global_planner::Expander
void clearEndpoint (unsigned char *costs, float *potential, int gx, int gy, int s)
 Expander (PotentialCalculator *p_calc, int nx, int ny)
void setFactor (float factor)
void setHasUnknown (bool unknown)
void setLethalCost (unsigned char lethal_cost)
void setNeutralCost (unsigned char neutral_cost)

Private Member Functions

float getCost (unsigned char *costs, int n)
void updateCell (unsigned char *costs, float *potential, int n)
 Updates the cell at index n. More...

Private Attributes

int * buffer1_
int * buffer2_
int * buffer3_
int * currentBuffer_
int currentEnd_
int * nextBuffer_
int nextEnd_
int * overBuffer_
int overEnd_
bool * pending_
bool precise_
float priorityIncrement_
float threshold_

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from global_planner::Expander
int toIndex (int x, int y)
- Protected Attributes inherited from global_planner::Expander
int cells_visited_
float factor_
unsigned char lethal_cost_
unsigned char neutral_cost_
int ns_
int nx_
int ny_
bool unknown_

Detailed Description

Definition at line 56 of file dijkstra.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

global_planner::DijkstraExpansion::DijkstraExpansion ( PotentialCalculator p_calc,
int  nx,
int  ny 

Definition at line 42 of file dijkstra.cpp.

global_planner::DijkstraExpansion::~DijkstraExpansion ( )

Definition at line 52 of file dijkstra.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

bool global_planner::DijkstraExpansion::calculatePotentials ( unsigned char *  costs,
double  start_x,
double  start_y,
double  end_x,
double  end_y,
int  cycles,
float *  potential 

Implements global_planner::Expander.

Definition at line 80 of file dijkstra.cpp.

float global_planner::DijkstraExpansion::getCost ( unsigned char *  costs,
int  n 

updates the cell at index n

Definition at line 86 of file dijkstra.h.

void global_planner::DijkstraExpansion::setNeutralCost ( unsigned char  neutral_cost)

Definition at line 70 of file dijkstra.h.

void global_planner::DijkstraExpansion::setPreciseStart ( bool  precise)

Definition at line 75 of file dijkstra.h.

void global_planner::DijkstraExpansion::setSize ( int  nx,
int  ny 

Sets or resets the size of the map.

nxThe x size of the map
nyThe y size of the mapsets or resets the size of the map

Reimplemented from global_planner::Expander.

Definition at line 63 of file dijkstra.cpp.

void global_planner::DijkstraExpansion::updateCell ( unsigned char *  costs,
float *  potential,
int  n 

Updates the cell at index n.

costsThe costmap
potentialThe potential array in which we are calculating
nThe index to update

Definition at line 192 of file dijkstra.cpp.

Member Data Documentation

int* global_planner::DijkstraExpansion::buffer1_

block priority buffers

Definition at line 98 of file dijkstra.h.

int * global_planner::DijkstraExpansion::buffer2_

Definition at line 98 of file dijkstra.h.

int * global_planner::DijkstraExpansion::buffer3_

storage buffers for priority blocks

Definition at line 98 of file dijkstra.h.

int* global_planner::DijkstraExpansion::currentBuffer_

Definition at line 99 of file dijkstra.h.

int global_planner::DijkstraExpansion::currentEnd_

Definition at line 100 of file dijkstra.h.

int * global_planner::DijkstraExpansion::nextBuffer_

Definition at line 99 of file dijkstra.h.

int global_planner::DijkstraExpansion::nextEnd_

Definition at line 100 of file dijkstra.h.

int * global_planner::DijkstraExpansion::overBuffer_

priority buffer block ptrs

Definition at line 99 of file dijkstra.h.

int global_planner::DijkstraExpansion::overEnd_

end points of arrays

Definition at line 100 of file dijkstra.h.

bool* global_planner::DijkstraExpansion::pending_

pending_ cells during propagation

Definition at line 101 of file dijkstra.h.

bool global_planner::DijkstraExpansion::precise_

Definition at line 102 of file dijkstra.h.

float global_planner::DijkstraExpansion::priorityIncrement_

priority threshold increment

Definition at line 106 of file dijkstra.h.

float global_planner::DijkstraExpansion::threshold_

block priority thresholds current threshold

Definition at line 105 of file dijkstra.h.

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