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ecx_contextt Struct Reference

#include <ethercatmain.h>

Public Attributes

uint16 DCl
uint16 DCtO
uint16 esislave
int(* FOEhook )(uint16 slave, int packetnumber, int datasize)
int maxgroup
int maxslave
int * slavecount

Detailed Description

Context structure , referenced by all ecx functions

Definition at line 413 of file ethercatmain.h.

Member Data Documentation

uint16 ecx_contextt::DCl

internal, length of DC datagram

Definition at line 442 of file ethercatmain.h.

int64* ecx_contextt::DCtime

reference to last DC time from slaves

Definition at line 444 of file ethercatmain.h.

uint16 ecx_contextt::DCtO

internal, position of DC datagram in process data packet

Definition at line 440 of file ethercatmain.h.

boolean* ecx_contextt::ecaterror

reference to ecaterror state

Definition at line 438 of file ethercatmain.h.

ec_eepromFMMUt* ecx_contextt::eepFMMU

internal, FMMU list from eeprom

Definition at line 454 of file ethercatmain.h.

ec_eepromSMt* ecx_contextt::eepSM

internal, SM list from eeprom

Definition at line 452 of file ethercatmain.h.

ec_eringt* ecx_contextt::elist

internal, reference to error list

Definition at line 434 of file ethercatmain.h.

uint8* ecx_contextt::esibuf

internal, reference to eeprom cache buffer

Definition at line 428 of file ethercatmain.h.

uint32* ecx_contextt::esimap

internal, reference to eeprom cache map

Definition at line 430 of file ethercatmain.h.

uint16 ecx_contextt::esislave

internal, current slave for eeprom cache

Definition at line 432 of file ethercatmain.h.

int(* ecx_contextt::FOEhook) (uint16 slave, int packetnumber, int datasize)

registered FoE hook

Definition at line 456 of file ethercatmain.h.

ec_groupt* ecx_contextt::grouplist

grouplist reference

Definition at line 424 of file ethercatmain.h.

ec_idxstackT* ecx_contextt::idxstack

internal, reference to processdata stack buffer info

Definition at line 436 of file ethercatmain.h.

int ecx_contextt::maxgroup

maximum number of groups allowed in grouplist

Definition at line 426 of file ethercatmain.h.

int ecx_contextt::maxslave

maximum number of slaves allowed in slavelist

Definition at line 422 of file ethercatmain.h.

ec_PDOassignt* ecx_contextt::PDOassign

internal, PDO assign list

Definition at line 448 of file ethercatmain.h.

ec_PDOdesct* ecx_contextt::PDOdesc

internal, PDO description list

Definition at line 450 of file ethercatmain.h.

ecx_portt* ecx_contextt::port

port reference, may include red_port

Definition at line 416 of file ethercatmain.h.

int* ecx_contextt::slavecount

number of slaves found in configuration

Definition at line 420 of file ethercatmain.h.

ec_slavet* ecx_contextt::slavelist

slavelist reference

Definition at line 418 of file ethercatmain.h.

ec_SMcommtypet* ecx_contextt::SMcommtype

internal, SM buffer

Definition at line 446 of file ethercatmain.h.

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