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ecx_portt Struct Reference

#include <nicdrv.h>

Public Attributes

mtx_t * getindex_mutex
pthread_mutex_t getindex_mutex
CRITICAL_SECTION getindex_mutex
int lastidx
int redstate
mtx_t * rx_mutex
pthread_mutex_t rx_mutex
ec_bufT rxbuf [EC_MAXBUF]
int rxbufstat [EC_MAXBUF]
int rxsa [EC_MAXBUF]
int sockhandle
pcap_t * sockhandle
ec_stackT stack
ec_bufT tempinbuf
int tempinbufs
mtx_t * tx_mutex
pthread_mutex_t tx_mutex
ec_bufT txbuf [EC_MAXBUF]
ec_bufT txbuf2
int txbuflength [EC_MAXBUF]
int txbuflength2

Detailed Description

pointer structure to buffers, vars and mutexes for port instantiation

Definition at line 91 of file linux/nicdrv.h.

Member Data Documentation

mtx_t* ecx_portt::getindex_mutex

Definition at line 112 of file rtk/nicdrv.h.

pthread_mutex_t ecx_portt::getindex_mutex

Definition at line 119 of file linux/nicdrv.h.

CRITICAL_SECTION ecx_portt::getindex_mutex

Definition at line 122 of file win32/nicdrv.h.

int ecx_portt::lastidx

last used frame index

Definition at line 114 of file linux/nicdrv.h.

ecx_redportt * ecx_portt::redport

pointer to redundancy port and buffers

Definition at line 118 of file linux/nicdrv.h.

int ecx_portt::redstate

current redundancy state

Definition at line 116 of file linux/nicdrv.h.

mtx_t* ecx_portt::rx_mutex

Definition at line 114 of file rtk/nicdrv.h.

pthread_mutex_t ecx_portt::rx_mutex

Definition at line 121 of file linux/nicdrv.h.

CRITICAL_SECTION ecx_portt::rx_mutex

Definition at line 124 of file win32/nicdrv.h.

ec_bufT ecx_portt::rxbuf

rx buffers

Definition at line 96 of file linux/nicdrv.h.

int ecx_portt::rxbufstat

rx buffer status

Definition at line 98 of file linux/nicdrv.h.

int ecx_portt::rxsa

rx MAC source address

Definition at line 100 of file linux/nicdrv.h.

int ecx_portt::sockhandle

Definition at line 94 of file linux/nicdrv.h.

pcap_t* ecx_portt::sockhandle

Definition at line 97 of file win32/nicdrv.h.

ec_stackT ecx_portt::stack

Definition at line 93 of file linux/nicdrv.h.

ec_bufT ecx_portt::tempinbuf

temporary rx buffer

Definition at line 102 of file linux/nicdrv.h.

int ecx_portt::tempinbufs

temporary rx buffer status

Definition at line 104 of file linux/nicdrv.h.

mtx_t* ecx_portt::tx_mutex

Definition at line 113 of file rtk/nicdrv.h.

pthread_mutex_t ecx_portt::tx_mutex

Definition at line 120 of file linux/nicdrv.h.

CRITICAL_SECTION ecx_portt::tx_mutex

Definition at line 123 of file win32/nicdrv.h.

ec_bufT ecx_portt::txbuf

transmit buffers

Definition at line 106 of file linux/nicdrv.h.

ec_bufT ecx_portt::txbuf2

temporary tx buffer

Definition at line 110 of file linux/nicdrv.h.

int ecx_portt::txbuflength

transmit buffer lenghts

Definition at line 108 of file linux/nicdrv.h.

int ecx_portt::txbuflength2

temporary tx buffer length

Definition at line 112 of file linux/nicdrv.h.

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