warehouse_ros Namespace Reference


class  DatabaseConnection
class  DatabaseLoader
 This class provides the mechanism to connect to a database and reads needed ROS parameters when appropriate. More...
struct  DbConnectException
 Couldn't connect to database. More...
class  DBConnectionStub
class  LiveTransformSource
struct  Md5SumException
 Different md5 sum for messages. More...
class  MessageCollection
class  MessageCollectionHelper
struct  MessageWithMetadata
 Class that wraps (via inheritance) a ROS message type, together with additional metadata (a yaml dictionary) More...
class  Metadata
 Represents metadata attached to a message. More...
struct  NoMatchingMessageException
 Couldn't find matching message in collection. More...
class  Query
 Represents a query to the db. More...
struct  QueryResults
class  ResultIterator
class  ResultIteratorHelper
class  TransformCollection
class  TransformSource
class  WarehouseRosException
 A base class for all warehouse_ros exceptions; provides a handy boost::format parent constructor. More...

Author(s): Bhaskara Marthi , Connor Brew
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