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rviz::FrameInfo Class Reference

Internal class needed only by TFDisplay. More...

#include <tf_display.h>

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Public Slots

void updateVisibilityFromFrame ()
 Update whether the frame is visible or not, based on the enabled_property_ in this FrameInfo. More...
void updateVisibilityFromSelection ()
 Update whether the frame is visible or not, based on the enabled_property_ in the selection handler. More...

Public Member Functions

 FrameInfo (TFDisplay *display)
void setEnabled (bool enabled)
 Set this frame to be visible or invisible. More...

Public Attributes

Ogre::Quaternion arrow_orientation_
CollObjectHandle axes_coll_
float distance_to_parent_
ros::Time last_time_to_fixed_
ros::Time last_update_
std::string name_
Ogre::SceneNode * name_node_
std::string parent_
FrameSelectionHandlerPtr selection_handler_

Detailed Description

Internal class needed only by TFDisplay.

Definition at line 130 of file tf_display.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

rviz::FrameInfo::FrameInfo ( TFDisplay display)

Definition at line 728 of file tf_display.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

void rviz::FrameInfo::setEnabled ( bool  enabled)

Set this frame to be visible or invisible.

Definition at line 753 of file tf_display.cpp.

void rviz::FrameInfo::updateVisibilityFromFrame ( )

Update whether the frame is visible or not, based on the enabled_property_ in this FrameInfo.

Definition at line 739 of file tf_display.cpp.

void rviz::FrameInfo::updateVisibilityFromSelection ( )

Update whether the frame is visible or not, based on the enabled_property_ in the selection handler.

Definition at line 746 of file tf_display.cpp.

Member Data Documentation

Ogre::Quaternion rviz::FrameInfo::arrow_orientation_

Definition at line 158 of file tf_display.h.

Axes* rviz::FrameInfo::axes_

Definition at line 150 of file tf_display.h.

CollObjectHandle rviz::FrameInfo::axes_coll_

Definition at line 151 of file tf_display.h.

TFDisplay* rviz::FrameInfo::display_

Definition at line 147 of file tf_display.h.

float rviz::FrameInfo::distance_to_parent_

Definition at line 157 of file tf_display.h.

BoolProperty* rviz::FrameInfo::enabled_property_

Definition at line 168 of file tf_display.h.

ros::Time rviz::FrameInfo::last_time_to_fixed_

Definition at line 161 of file tf_display.h.

ros::Time rviz::FrameInfo::last_update_

Definition at line 160 of file tf_display.h.

std::string rviz::FrameInfo::name_

Definition at line 148 of file tf_display.h.

Ogre::SceneNode* rviz::FrameInfo::name_node_

Definition at line 155 of file tf_display.h.

MovableText* rviz::FrameInfo::name_text_

Definition at line 154 of file tf_display.h.

QuaternionProperty* rviz::FrameInfo::orientation_property_

Definition at line 166 of file tf_display.h.

std::string rviz::FrameInfo::parent_

Definition at line 149 of file tf_display.h.

Arrow* rviz::FrameInfo::parent_arrow_

Definition at line 153 of file tf_display.h.

StringProperty* rviz::FrameInfo::parent_property_

Definition at line 167 of file tf_display.h.

VectorProperty* rviz::FrameInfo::position_property_

Definition at line 165 of file tf_display.h.

QuaternionProperty* rviz::FrameInfo::rel_orientation_property_

Definition at line 164 of file tf_display.h.

VectorProperty* rviz::FrameInfo::rel_position_property_

Definition at line 163 of file tf_display.h.

FrameSelectionHandlerPtr rviz::FrameInfo::selection_handler_

Definition at line 152 of file tf_display.h.

Property* rviz::FrameInfo::tree_property_

Definition at line 170 of file tf_display.h.

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