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 CCacheStores a time history of messages
 CChainChains a dynamic number of simple filters together. Allows retrieval of filters by index after they are added
 CChainBaseBase class for Chain, allows you to store multiple chains in the same container. Provides filter retrieval by index
 CConnectionEncapsulates a connection from one filter to another (or to a user-specified callback)
 CPassThroughSimple passthrough filter. What comes in goes out immediately
 CSimpleFilterConvenience base-class for simple filters which output a single message
 CSubscriberROS subscription filter
 CTimeSequencerSequences messages based on the timestamp of their header
 CTimeSynchronizerSynchronizes up to 9 messages by their timestamps
 CTimeStamp< message_filters::NullType >
 CTimeStamp< Msg >

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