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def test-l500-json-load.json_to_dict (json)
def test-l500-json-load.log_settings_differences (data)


 test-l500-json-load.depth_sensor = device.first_depth_sensor()
 test-l500-json-load.device = devices[0]
 test-l500-json-load.devices = test.find_devices_by_product_line_or_exit(rs.product_line.L500)
 test-l500-json-load.equal = test.check_equal(visual_preset_name, rs.l500_visual_preset.low_ambient_light)
string test-l500-json-load.low_ambient_data_with_default_preset
 This test checks backward compatibility to old json files that saved with default preset The default preset is deprecated but json files that saved with default preset should be supported Here, we expect the data to fit a pre-defined "low-ambient" preset Note that, because FW defines them, the defaults can change from version to version and we need to keep this up-to-date with the latest. More...
list test-l500-json-load.presets = rs.serializable_device(device)
 test-l500-json-load.serialized_json = sd.serialize_json()
 test-l500-json-load.visual_preset_name = rs.l500_visual_preset(int(visual_preset_number))
 test-l500-json-load.visual_preset_number = depth_sensor.get_option(rs.option.visual_preset)
string test-l500-json-load.wrong_data_with_default_preset
 There is no default preset: so when one is specified, the code should calculate the preset! Here, we intentionally should not fit into any of the defined presets, and check that the result is CUSTOM. More...
string test-l500-json-load.wrong_data_with_low_ambient_preset
 Here, the json specifies a "low-ambient" preset – so the values of the individual controls (that are part of this preset) should not matter. More...

Author(s): Sergey Dorodnicov , Doron Hirshberg , Mark Horn , Reagan Lopez , Itay Carpis
autogenerated on Mon May 3 2021 02:50:30