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src/vulkan.c File Reference
#include "internal.h"
#include <assert.h>
#include <string.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
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#define _GLFW_FIND_LOADER   1


const char * _glfwGetVulkanResultString (VkResult result)
GLFWbool _glfwInitVulkan (int mode)
void _glfwTerminateVulkan (void)
GLFWAPI VkResult glfwCreateWindowSurface (VkInstance instance, GLFWwindow *handle, const VkAllocationCallbacks *allocator, VkSurfaceKHR *surface)
GLFWAPI GLFWvkproc glfwGetInstanceProcAddress (VkInstance instance, const char *procname)
GLFWAPI int glfwGetPhysicalDevicePresentationSupport (VkInstance instance, VkPhysicalDevice device, uint32_t queuefamily)
GLFWAPI const char ** glfwGetRequiredInstanceExtensions (uint32_t *count)
 Returns the Vulkan instance extensions required by GLFW. More...
GLFWAPI int glfwVulkanSupported (void)
 Returns whether the Vulkan loader and an ICD have been found. More...

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#define _GLFW_FIND_LOADER   1

Definition at line 34 of file src/vulkan.c.


Definition at line 35 of file src/vulkan.c.

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const char* _glfwGetVulkanResultString ( VkResult  result)

Definition at line 159 of file src/vulkan.c.

GLFWbool _glfwInitVulkan ( int  mode)

Definition at line 42 of file src/vulkan.c.

void _glfwTerminateVulkan ( void  )

Definition at line 151 of file src/vulkan.c.

GLFWAPI VkResult glfwCreateWindowSurface ( VkInstance  instance,
GLFWwindow handle,
const VkAllocationCallbacks allocator,
VkSurfaceKHR surface 

Definition at line 293 of file src/vulkan.c.

GLFWAPI GLFWvkproc glfwGetInstanceProcAddress ( VkInstance  instance,
const char *  procname 

Definition at line 243 of file src/vulkan.c.

GLFWAPI int glfwGetPhysicalDevicePresentationSupport ( VkInstance  instance,
VkPhysicalDevice  device,
uint32_t  queuefamily 

Definition at line 269 of file src/vulkan.c.

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