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run-unit-tests Namespace Reference


class  ExeTest
class  PyTest
class  Test
class  TestConfig
class  TestConfigFromText


def __init__ (self)
def __init__ (self, testname)
def check_log_for_fails (path_to_log, testname, configuration=None)
def config (self)
def configuration_str (configuration, prefix='', suffix='')
def configurations (self)
def debug_dump (self)
def devices_by_test_config (test)
def flags (self)
def get_log (self)
def get_tests ()
def is_live (self)
def name (self)
def prioritize_tests (tests)
def priority (self)
def ran (self)
def run_test (self, configuration=None, log_path=None)
def subprocess_run (cmd, stdout=None, timeout=200, append=False)
def tags (self)
def test_wrapper (test, configuration=None)
def timeout (self)
def usage ()


string build = repo.root+os.sep+'build'
 current_dir = os.path.dirname( os.path.abspath( __file__ ))
 dir_with_test = build+os.sep+os.path.dirname(executable)
bool linux = True
bool list_tags = False
bool list_tests = False
string logdir = target+os.sep+'unit-tests'
 n_errors = log.n_errors()
int n_tests = 0
string pyrs = ""
 pyrs_path = repo.root+os.sep+pyrs
 regex = None
int skip_live_tests = 0
 system = platform.system()
 tag = None
 tags = set()
 target = None
list tests = []
bool to_stdout = False

Function Documentation

def run-unit-tests.__init__ (   self)
Configuration for a test, encompassing any metadata needed to control its run, like retries etc.

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def run-unit-tests.__init__ (   self,
Abstract class for a test. Holds the name of the test

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def run-unit-tests.check_log_for_fails (   path_to_log,
  configuration = None 

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def run-unit-tests.config (   self)

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def run-unit-tests.configuration_str (   configuration,
  prefix = '',
  suffix = '' 
Return a string repr (with a prefix and/or suffix) of the configuration or '' if it's None 

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def run-unit-tests.configurations (   self)

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def run-unit-tests.debug_dump (   self)

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def run-unit-tests.devices_by_test_config (   test)
Yield <configuration,serial-numbers> pairs for each valid configuration under which the
test should run.

The <configuration> is a list of ('test:device') designations, e.g. ['L500*', 'D415'].
The <serial-numbers> is a set of device serial-numbers that fit this configuration.

:param test: The test (of class type Test) we're interested in

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def run-unit-tests.flags (   self)

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def run-unit-tests.get_log (   self)

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def run-unit-tests.get_tests ( )

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def run-unit-tests.is_live (   self)
Returns True if the test configurations specify devices (test has a 'device' directive)

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def (   self)

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def run-unit-tests.prioritize_tests (   tests)

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def run-unit-tests.priority (   self)

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def run-unit-tests.ran (   self)

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def run-unit-tests.run_test (   self,
  configuration = None,
  log_path = None 

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def run-unit-tests.subprocess_run (   cmd,
  stdout = None,
  timeout = 200,
  append = False 
Wrapper function for
If the child process times out or ends with a non-zero exit status an exception is raised!

:param cmd: the command and argument for the child process, as a list
:param stdout: path of file to direct the output of the process to (None to disable)
:param timeout: number of seconds to give the process before forcefully ending it (None to disable)
:param append: if True and stdout is not None, the log of the test will be appended to the file instead of
               overwriting it
:return: the output written by the child, if stdout is None -- otherwise N/A

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def run-unit-tests.tags (   self)

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def run-unit-tests.test_wrapper (   test,
  configuration = None 

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def run-unit-tests.timeout (   self)

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def run-unit-tests.usage ( void  )

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Variable Documentation


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string = repo.root+os.sep+'build'

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run-unit-tests.current_dir = os.path.dirname( os.path.abspath( __file__ ))

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run-unit-tests.dir_with_test = build+os.sep+os.path.dirname(executable)

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bool run-unit-tests.linux = True

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bool run-unit-tests.list_tags = False

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bool run-unit-tests.list_tests = False

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run-unit-tests.logdir = target+os.sep+'unit-tests'

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run-unit-tests.n_errors = log.n_errors()

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int run-unit-tests.n_tests = 0

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run-unit-tests.pyrs = ""

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run-unit-tests.pyrs_path = repo.root+os.sep+pyrs

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run-unit-tests.regex = None

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int run-unit-tests.skip_live_tests = 0

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run-unit-tests.system = platform.system()

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run-unit-tests.tag = None

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run-unit-tests.tags = set()

Definition at line 581 of file = None

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list run-unit-tests.tests = []

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bool run-unit-tests.to_stdout = False

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