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rspy.file Namespace Reference


def _grep (pattern, lines, context)
def cat (filename)
def find (dir, mask)
def grep (expr, args)
def inside_dir (root)
def is_executable (path_to_file)
def remove_newlines (lines)


bool linux = True
 system = platform.system()

Function Documentation

def rspy.file._grep (   pattern,
helper function for grep

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def (   filename)

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def rspy.file.find (   dir,
Yield all files in given directory (including sub-directories) that fit the given mask
:param dir: directory in which to search
:param mask: mask to compare file names to

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def rspy.file.grep (   expr,

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def rspy.file.inside_dir (   root)
Yield all files found in root, using relative names ('root/a' would be yielded as 'a')

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def rspy.file.is_executable (   path_to_file)
:param path_to_file: path to a file
:return: whether the file is an executable or not

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def rspy.file.remove_newlines (   lines)

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Variable Documentation

bool rspy.file.linux = True

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rspy.file.system = platform.system()

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