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lz4hc.h File Reference
#include "lz4.h"
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union  LZ4_streamHC_u
struct  LZ4HC_CCtx_internal


#define LZ4_STREAMHCSIZE   (4*LZ4HC_HASHTABLESIZE + 2*LZ4HC_MAXD + 56) /* 393268 */
#define LZ4_STREAMHCSIZE_SIZET   (LZ4_STREAMHCSIZE / sizeof(size_t))
#define LZ4HC_CLEVEL_MAX   12
#define LZ4HC_CLEVEL_MIN   3
#define LZ4HC_CLEVEL_OPT_MIN   11
#define LZ4HC_DICTIONARY_LOGSIZE   17 /* because of btopt, hc would only need 16 */
#define LZ4HC_HASH_LOG   15
#define LZ4HC_MAXD_MASK   (LZ4HC_MAXD - 1)


typedef union LZ4_streamHC_u LZ4_streamHC_t


LZ4LIB_API int LZ4_compress_HC (const char *src, char *dst, int srcSize, int dstCapacity, int compressionLevel)
LZ4LIB_API int LZ4_compress_HC_continue (LZ4_streamHC_t *streamHCPtr, const char *src, char *dst, int srcSize, int maxDstSize)
LZ4LIB_API int LZ4_compress_HC_extStateHC (void *state, const char *src, char *dst, int srcSize, int maxDstSize, int compressionLevel)
LZ4LIB_API LZ4_streamHC_tLZ4_createStreamHC (void)
LZ4LIB_API LZ4_DEPRECATED ("use LZ4_compress_HC() instead") int LZ4_compressHC(const char *source
LZ4LIB_API LZ4_DEPRECATED ("use LZ4_compress_HC_extStateHC() instead") int LZ4_compressHC_withStateHC(void *state
LZ4LIB_API LZ4_DEPRECATED ("use LZ4_compress_HC_continue() instead") int LZ4_compressHC_continue(LZ4_streamHC_t *LZ4_streamHCPtr
LZ4LIB_API LZ4_DEPRECATED ("use LZ4_createStreamHC() instead") void *LZ4_createHC(char *inputBuffer)
LZ4LIB_API LZ4_DEPRECATED ("use LZ4_saveDictHC() instead") char *LZ4_slideInputBufferHC(void *LZ4HC_Data)
LZ4LIB_API LZ4_DEPRECATED ("use LZ4_freeStreamHC() instead") int LZ4_freeHC(void *LZ4HC_Data)
LZ4LIB_API LZ4_DEPRECATED ("use LZ4_resetStreamHC() instead") int LZ4_resetStreamStateHC(void *state
LZ4LIB_API int LZ4_freeStreamHC (LZ4_streamHC_t *streamHCPtr)
LZ4LIB_API int LZ4_loadDictHC (LZ4_streamHC_t *streamHCPtr, const char *dictionary, int dictSize)
LZ4LIB_API void LZ4_resetStreamHC (LZ4_streamHC_t *streamHCPtr, int compressionLevel)
LZ4LIB_API int LZ4_saveDictHC (LZ4_streamHC_t *streamHCPtr, char *safeBuffer, int maxDictSize)
LZ4LIB_API int LZ4_sizeofStateHC (void)


LZ4LIB_API char int int compressionLevel
LZ4LIB_API char * dest
LZ4LIB_API char * inputBuffer
LZ4LIB_API char int inputSize
LZ4LIB_API char int int maxOutputSize
LZ4LIB_API const char * source

Macro Definition Documentation

#define LZ4_STREAMHCSIZE   (4*LZ4HC_HASHTABLESIZE + 2*LZ4HC_MAXD + 56) /* 393268 */

Definition at line 178 of file lz4hc.h.

#define LZ4_STREAMHCSIZE_SIZET   (LZ4_STREAMHCSIZE / sizeof(size_t))

Definition at line 179 of file lz4hc.h.


Definition at line 48 of file lz4hc.h.

#define LZ4HC_CLEVEL_MAX   12

Definition at line 50 of file lz4hc.h.

#define LZ4HC_CLEVEL_MIN   3

Definition at line 47 of file lz4hc.h.

#define LZ4HC_CLEVEL_OPT_MIN   11

Definition at line 49 of file lz4hc.h.

#define LZ4HC_DICTIONARY_LOGSIZE   17 /* because of btopt, hc would only need 16 */

Definition at line 132 of file lz4hc.h.

#define LZ4HC_HASH_LOG   15

Definition at line 136 of file lz4hc.h.


Definition at line 138 of file lz4hc.h.


Definition at line 137 of file lz4hc.h.


Definition at line 133 of file lz4hc.h.

#define LZ4HC_MAXD_MASK   (LZ4HC_MAXD - 1)

Definition at line 134 of file lz4hc.h.

Typedef Documentation

Definition at line 87 of file lz4hc.h.

Function Documentation

LZ4LIB_API int LZ4_compress_HC ( const char *  src,
char *  dst,
int  srcSize,
int  dstCapacity,
int  compressionLevel 

LZ4_compress_HC() : Compress data from src into dst, using the more powerful but slower "HC" algorithm. dst must be already allocated. Compression is guaranteed to succeed if dstCapacity >= LZ4_compressBound(srcSize) (see "lz4.h") Max supported srcSize value is LZ4_MAX_INPUT_SIZE (see "lz4.h") compressionLevel : Recommended values are between 4 and 9, although any value between 1 and LZ4HC_CLEVEL_MAX will work. Values >LZ4HC_CLEVEL_MAX behave the same as LZ4HC_CLEVEL_MAX.

: the number of bytes written into 'dst' or 0 if compression fails.

Definition at line 581 of file lz4hc.c.

LZ4LIB_API int LZ4_compress_HC_continue ( LZ4_streamHC_t streamHCPtr,
const char *  src,
char *  dst,
int  srcSize,
int  maxDstSize 

Definition at line 694 of file lz4hc.c.

LZ4LIB_API int LZ4_compress_HC_extStateHC ( void state,
const char *  src,
char *  dst,
int  srcSize,
int  maxDstSize,
int  compressionLevel 

LZ4_compress_HC_extStateHC() : Same as LZ4_compress_HC(), but using an externally allocated memory segment for state. state size is provided by LZ4_sizeofStateHC(). Memory segment must be aligned on 8-bytes boundaries (which a normal malloc() will do properly).

Definition at line 570 of file lz4hc.c.

LZ4LIB_API LZ4_streamHC_t* LZ4_createStreamHC ( void  )

LZ4_createStreamHC() and LZ4_freeStreamHC() : These functions create and release memory for LZ4 HC streaming state. Newly created states are automatically initialized. Existing states can be re-used several times, using LZ4_resetStreamHC(). These methods are API and ABI stable, they can be used in combination with a DLL.

Definition at line 612 of file lz4hc.c.

LZ4LIB_API LZ4_DEPRECATED ( "use LZ4_compress_HC() instead"  ) const
LZ4LIB_API LZ4_DEPRECATED ( "use LZ4_compress_HC_extStateHC() instead"  )
LZ4LIB_API LZ4_DEPRECATED ( "use LZ4_compress_HC_continue() instead"  )
LZ4LIB_API LZ4_DEPRECATED ( "use LZ4_createStreamHC() instead"  )
LZ4LIB_API LZ4_DEPRECATED ( "use LZ4_saveDictHC() instead"  )
LZ4LIB_API LZ4_DEPRECATED ( "use LZ4_freeStreamHC() instead"  )
LZ4LIB_API LZ4_DEPRECATED ( "use LZ4_resetStreamHC() instead"  )
LZ4LIB_API int LZ4_freeStreamHC ( LZ4_streamHC_t streamHCPtr)

Definition at line 613 of file lz4hc.c.

LZ4LIB_API int LZ4_loadDictHC ( LZ4_streamHC_t streamHCPtr,
const char *  dictionary,
int  dictSize 

Definition at line 626 of file lz4hc.c.

LZ4LIB_API void LZ4_resetStreamHC ( LZ4_streamHC_t streamHCPtr,
int  compressionLevel 

Definition at line 617 of file lz4hc.c.

LZ4LIB_API int LZ4_saveDictHC ( LZ4_streamHC_t streamHCPtr,
char *  safeBuffer,
int  maxDictSize 

Definition at line 713 of file lz4hc.c.

LZ4LIB_API int LZ4_sizeofStateHC ( void  )

Definition at line 568 of file lz4hc.c.

Variable Documentation

LZ4LIB_API const char char int int int compressionLevel

Definition at line 203 of file lz4hc.h.

LZ4LIB_API const char char* dest

Definition at line 201 of file lz4hc.h.

LZ4LIB_API char* inputBuffer

Definition at line 219 of file lz4hc.h.

LZ4LIB_API const char char int inputSize

Definition at line 201 of file lz4hc.h.

LZ4LIB_API const char char int int maxOutputSize

Definition at line 202 of file lz4hc.h.

LZ4LIB_API const char* source

Definition at line 205 of file lz4hc.h.

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