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l500-error-common.h File Reference
#include "l500/l500-private.h"
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std::map< uint8_t, std::pair< std::string, rs2_log_severity > > build_log_errors_map ()
void trigger_error_or_exit (const rs2::device &dev, uint8_t num)


const uint8_t l500_trigger_error_opcode = 0x5E

Function Documentation

std::map< uint8_t, std::pair< std::string, rs2_log_severity > > build_log_errors_map ( )

Definition at line 8 of file l500-error-common.h.

void trigger_error_or_exit ( const rs2::device dev,
uint8_t  num 

Definition at line 36 of file l500-error-common.h.

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const uint8_t l500_trigger_error_opcode = 0x5E

Definition at line 6 of file l500-error-common.h.

Author(s): Sergey Dorodnicov , Doron Hirshberg , Mark Horn , Reagan Lopez , Itay Carpis
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