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inputlag.c File Reference
#include <glad/glad.h>
#include <GLFW/glfw3.h>
#include <nuklear.h>
#include <nuklear_glfw_gl2.h>
#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <string.h>
#include "getopt.h"
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enum  { cursor_sync_query, cursor_input_message }


void cursor_pos_callback (GLFWwindow *window, double xpos, double ypos)
void draw_marker (struct nk_command_buffer *canvas, int lead, struct nk_vec2 pos)
void error_callback (int error, const char *description)
void key_callback (GLFWwindow *window, int key, int scancode, int action, int mods)
int main (int argc, char **argv)
void sample_input (GLFWwindow *window)
void swap_buffers (GLFWwindow *window)
void update_vsync ()
void usage (void)


enum { ... }  cursor_method = cursor_sync_query
struct nk_vec2 cursor_new cursor_pos cursor_vel
int enable_vsync = nk_true
GLuint occlusion_query
int swap_clear = nk_false
int swap_finish = nk_true
int swap_occlusion_query = nk_false
int swap_read_pixels = nk_false

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Definition at line 43 of file inputlag.c.


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anonymous enum

Definition at line 61 of file inputlag.c.

Function Documentation

void cursor_pos_callback ( GLFWwindow window,
double  xpos,
double  ypos 

Definition at line 79 of file inputlag.c.

void draw_marker ( struct nk_command_buffer canvas,
int  lead,
struct nk_vec2  pos 

Definition at line 144 of file inputlag.c.

void error_callback ( int  error,
const char *  description 

Definition at line 126 of file inputlag.c.

void key_callback ( GLFWwindow window,
int  key,
int  scancode,
int  action,
int  mods 

Definition at line 131 of file inputlag.c.

int main ( int  argc,
char **  argv 

Definition at line 151 of file inputlag.c.

void sample_input ( GLFWwindow window)

Definition at line 63 of file inputlag.c.

void swap_buffers ( GLFWwindow window)

Definition at line 98 of file inputlag.c.

void update_vsync ( )

Definition at line 87 of file inputlag.c.

void usage ( void  )

Definition at line 52 of file inputlag.c.

Variable Documentation

enum { ... } cursor_method
struct nk_vec2 cursor_new cursor_pos cursor_vel

Definition at line 60 of file inputlag.c.

int enable_vsync = nk_true

Definition at line 85 of file inputlag.c.

GLuint occlusion_query

Definition at line 96 of file inputlag.c.

int swap_clear = nk_false

Definition at line 92 of file inputlag.c.

int swap_finish = nk_true

Definition at line 93 of file inputlag.c.

int swap_occlusion_query = nk_false

Definition at line 94 of file inputlag.c.

int swap_read_pixels = nk_false

Definition at line 95 of file inputlag.c.

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