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glx_context.h File Reference
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struct  _GLFWcontextGLX
struct  _GLFWlibraryGLX


#define GLX_ACCUM_BLUE_SIZE   16
#define GLX_ACCUM_RED_SIZE   14
#define GLX_ALPHA_SIZE   11
#define GLX_AUX_BUFFERS   7
#define GLX_BLUE_SIZE   10
#define GLX_CONTEXT_DEBUG_BIT_ARB   0x00000001
#define GLX_CONTEXT_ES2_PROFILE_BIT_EXT   0x00000004
#define GLX_CONTEXT_FLAGS_ARB   0x2094
#define GLX_DEPTH_SIZE   12
#define GLX_DRAWABLE_TYPE   0x8010
#define GLX_GREEN_SIZE   9
#define GLX_RED_SIZE   8
#define GLX_RENDER_TYPE   0x8011
#define GLX_RGBA_BIT   0x00000001
#define GLX_RGBA_TYPE   0x8014
#define GLX_SAMPLES   0x186a1
#define GLX_STENCIL_SIZE   13
#define GLX_STEREO   6
#define GLX_VENDOR   1
#define GLX_VISUAL_ID   0x800b
#define GLX_WINDOW_BIT   0x00000001
#define glXCreateNewContext   _glfw.glx.CreateNewContext
#define glXCreateWindow   _glfw.glx.CreateWindow
#define glXDestroyContext   _glfw.glx.DestroyContext
#define glXDestroyWindow   _glfw.glx.DestroyWindow
#define glXGetClientString   _glfw.glx.GetClientString
#define glXGetFBConfigAttrib   _glfw.glx.GetFBConfigAttrib
#define glXGetFBConfigs   _glfw.glx.GetFBConfigs
#define glXGetVisualFromFBConfig   _glfw.glx.GetVisualFromFBConfig
#define glXMakeCurrent   _glfw.glx.MakeCurrent
#define glXQueryExtension   _glfw.glx.QueryExtension
#define glXQueryExtensionsString   _glfw.glx.QueryExtensionsString
#define glXQueryVersion   _glfw.glx.QueryVersion
#define glXSwapBuffers   _glfw.glx.SwapBuffers


typedef void(* __GLXextproc) (void)
typedef struct _GLFWcontextGLX _GLFWcontextGLX
typedef struct _GLFWlibraryGLX _GLFWlibraryGLX
typedef struct __GLXcontext * GLXContext
typedef XID GLXDrawable
typedef struct __GLXFBConfig * GLXFBConfig
typedef XID GLXWindow
typedef GLXContext(* PFNGLXCREATECONTEXTATTRIBSARBPROC) (Display *, GLXFBConfig, GLXContext, Bool, const int *)
typedef GLXContext(* PFNGLXCREATENEWCONTEXTPROC) (Display *, GLXFBConfig, int, GLXContext, Bool)
typedef GLXWindow(* PFNGLXCREATEWINDOWPROC) (Display *, GLXFBConfig, Window, const int *)
typedef void(* PFNGLXDESTROYCONTEXTPROC) (Display *, GLXContext)
typedef void(* PFNGLXDESTROYWINDOWPROC) (Display *, GLXWindow)
typedef const char *(* PFNGLXGETCLIENTSTRINGPROC) (Display *, int)
typedef int(* PFNGLXGETFBCONFIGATTRIBPROC) (Display *, GLXFBConfig, int, int *)
typedef GLXFBConfig *(* PFNGLXGETFBCONFIGSPROC) (Display *, int, int *)
typedef __GLXextproc(* PFNGLXGETPROCADDRESSPROC) (const GLubyte *procName)
typedef Bool(* PFNGLXMAKECURRENTPROC) (Display *, GLXDrawable, GLXContext)
typedef Bool(* PFNGLXQUERYEXTENSIONPROC) (Display *, int *, int *)
typedef const char *(* PFNGLXQUERYEXTENSIONSSTRINGPROC) (Display *, int)
typedef Bool(* PFNGLXQUERYVERSIONPROC) (Display *, int *, int *)
typedef void(* PFNGLXSWAPBUFFERSPROC) (Display *, GLXDrawable)
typedef void(* PFNGLXSWAPINTERVALEXTPROC) (Display *, GLXDrawable, int)


GLFWbool _glfwChooseVisualGLX (const _GLFWwndconfig *wndconfig, const _GLFWctxconfig *ctxconfig, const _GLFWfbconfig *fbconfig, Visual **visual, int *depth)
GLFWbool _glfwCreateContextGLX (_GLFWwindow *window, const _GLFWctxconfig *ctxconfig, const _GLFWfbconfig *fbconfig)
void _glfwDestroyContextGLX (_GLFWwindow *window)
GLFWbool _glfwInitGLX (void)
void _glfwTerminateGLX (void)

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Definition at line 110 of file glx_context.h.


Definition at line 111 of file glx_context.h.


Definition at line 46 of file glx_context.h.

#define GLX_ACCUM_BLUE_SIZE   16

Definition at line 45 of file glx_context.h.


Definition at line 44 of file glx_context.h.

#define GLX_ACCUM_RED_SIZE   14

Definition at line 43 of file glx_context.h.

#define GLX_ALPHA_SIZE   11

Definition at line 40 of file glx_context.h.

#define GLX_AUX_BUFFERS   7

Definition at line 36 of file glx_context.h.

#define GLX_BLUE_SIZE   10

Definition at line 39 of file glx_context.h.


Definition at line 52 of file glx_context.h.


Definition at line 53 of file glx_context.h.

#define GLX_CONTEXT_DEBUG_BIT_ARB   0x00000001

Definition at line 51 of file glx_context.h.

#define GLX_CONTEXT_ES2_PROFILE_BIT_EXT   0x00000004

Definition at line 59 of file glx_context.h.

#define GLX_CONTEXT_FLAGS_ARB   0x2094

Definition at line 58 of file glx_context.h.


Definition at line 55 of file glx_context.h.


Definition at line 56 of file glx_context.h.


Definition at line 57 of file glx_context.h.


Definition at line 67 of file glx_context.h.


Definition at line 54 of file glx_context.h.


Definition at line 64 of file glx_context.h.


Definition at line 66 of file glx_context.h.


Definition at line 65 of file glx_context.h.


Definition at line 62 of file glx_context.h.


Definition at line 60 of file glx_context.h.

#define GLX_DEPTH_SIZE   12

Definition at line 41 of file glx_context.h.


Definition at line 34 of file glx_context.h.

#define GLX_DRAWABLE_TYPE   0x8010

Definition at line 31 of file glx_context.h.


Definition at line 50 of file glx_context.h.

#define GLX_GREEN_SIZE   9

Definition at line 38 of file glx_context.h.


Definition at line 61 of file glx_context.h.


Definition at line 63 of file glx_context.h.

#define GLX_RED_SIZE   8

Definition at line 37 of file glx_context.h.

#define GLX_RENDER_TYPE   0x8011

Definition at line 32 of file glx_context.h.

#define GLX_RGBA_BIT   0x00000001

Definition at line 29 of file glx_context.h.

#define GLX_RGBA_TYPE   0x8014

Definition at line 33 of file glx_context.h.

#define GLX_SAMPLES   0x186a1

Definition at line 47 of file glx_context.h.

#define GLX_STENCIL_SIZE   13

Definition at line 42 of file glx_context.h.

#define GLX_STEREO   6

Definition at line 35 of file glx_context.h.

#define GLX_VENDOR   1

Definition at line 28 of file glx_context.h.

#define GLX_VISUAL_ID   0x800b

Definition at line 48 of file glx_context.h.

#define GLX_WINDOW_BIT   0x00000001

Definition at line 30 of file glx_context.h.

#define glXCreateNewContext   _glfw.glx.CreateNewContext

Definition at line 105 of file glx_context.h.

#define glXCreateWindow   _glfw.glx.CreateWindow

Definition at line 107 of file glx_context.h.

#define glXDestroyContext   _glfw.glx.DestroyContext

Definition at line 101 of file glx_context.h.

#define glXDestroyWindow   _glfw.glx.DestroyWindow

Definition at line 108 of file glx_context.h.

#define glXGetClientString   _glfw.glx.GetClientString

Definition at line 98 of file glx_context.h.

#define glXGetFBConfigAttrib   _glfw.glx.GetFBConfigAttrib

Definition at line 97 of file glx_context.h.

#define glXGetFBConfigs   _glfw.glx.GetFBConfigs

Definition at line 96 of file glx_context.h.

#define glXGetVisualFromFBConfig   _glfw.glx.GetVisualFromFBConfig

Definition at line 106 of file glx_context.h.

#define glXMakeCurrent   _glfw.glx.MakeCurrent

Definition at line 102 of file glx_context.h.

#define glXQueryExtension   _glfw.glx.QueryExtension

Definition at line 99 of file glx_context.h.

#define glXQueryExtensionsString   _glfw.glx.QueryExtensionsString

Definition at line 104 of file glx_context.h.

#define glXQueryVersion   _glfw.glx.QueryVersion

Definition at line 100 of file glx_context.h.

#define glXSwapBuffers   _glfw.glx.SwapBuffers

Definition at line 103 of file glx_context.h.

Typedef Documentation

typedef void(* __GLXextproc) (void)

Definition at line 73 of file glx_context.h.

typedef struct __GLXcontext* GLXContext

Definition at line 72 of file glx_context.h.

typedef XID GLXDrawable

Definition at line 70 of file glx_context.h.

typedef struct __GLXFBConfig* GLXFBConfig

Definition at line 71 of file glx_context.h.

typedef XID GLXWindow

Definition at line 69 of file glx_context.h.

typedef GLXContext(* PFNGLXCREATECONTEXTATTRIBSARBPROC) (Display *, GLXFBConfig, GLXContext, Bool, const int *)

Definition at line 93 of file glx_context.h.

typedef GLXContext(* PFNGLXCREATENEWCONTEXTPROC) (Display *, GLXFBConfig, int, GLXContext, Bool)

Definition at line 84 of file glx_context.h.

typedef GLXWindow(* PFNGLXCREATEWINDOWPROC) (Display *, GLXFBConfig, Window, const int *)

Definition at line 88 of file glx_context.h.

typedef void(* PFNGLXDESTROYCONTEXTPROC) (Display *, GLXContext)

Definition at line 79 of file glx_context.h.

typedef void(* PFNGLXDESTROYWINDOWPROC) (Display *, GLXWindow)

Definition at line 89 of file glx_context.h.

typedef const char*(* PFNGLXGETCLIENTSTRINGPROC) (Display *, int)

Definition at line 76 of file glx_context.h.

typedef int(* PFNGLXGETFBCONFIGATTRIBPROC) (Display *, GLXFBConfig, int, int *)

Definition at line 75 of file glx_context.h.

typedef GLXFBConfig*(* PFNGLXGETFBCONFIGSPROC) (Display *, int, int *)

Definition at line 83 of file glx_context.h.

typedef __GLXextproc(* PFNGLXGETPROCADDRESSPROC) (const GLubyte *procName)

Definition at line 85 of file glx_context.h.


Definition at line 87 of file glx_context.h.

typedef Bool(* PFNGLXMAKECURRENTPROC) (Display *, GLXDrawable, GLXContext)

Definition at line 80 of file glx_context.h.

typedef Bool(* PFNGLXQUERYEXTENSIONPROC) (Display *, int *, int *)

Definition at line 77 of file glx_context.h.

typedef const char*(* PFNGLXQUERYEXTENSIONSSTRINGPROC) (Display *, int)

Definition at line 82 of file glx_context.h.

typedef Bool(* PFNGLXQUERYVERSIONPROC) (Display *, int *, int *)

Definition at line 78 of file glx_context.h.

typedef void(* PFNGLXSWAPBUFFERSPROC) (Display *, GLXDrawable)

Definition at line 81 of file glx_context.h.

typedef void(* PFNGLXSWAPINTERVALEXTPROC) (Display *, GLXDrawable, int)

Definition at line 86 of file glx_context.h.


Definition at line 91 of file glx_context.h.


Definition at line 92 of file glx_context.h.

Function Documentation

GLFWbool _glfwChooseVisualGLX ( const _GLFWwndconfig wndconfig,
const _GLFWctxconfig ctxconfig,
const _GLFWfbconfig fbconfig,
Visual **  visual,
int *  depth 

Definition at line 636 of file glx_context.c.

GLFWbool _glfwCreateContextGLX ( _GLFWwindow window,
const _GLFWctxconfig ctxconfig,
const _GLFWfbconfig fbconfig 

Definition at line 445 of file glx_context.c.

void _glfwDestroyContextGLX ( _GLFWwindow window)
GLFWbool _glfwInitGLX ( void  )

Definition at line 253 of file glx_context.c.

void _glfwTerminateGLX ( void  )

Definition at line 424 of file glx_context.c.

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