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librealsense::platform::usb_request Class Referenceabstract

#include <usb-request.h>

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Public Member Functions

virtual int get_actual_length () const =0
virtual const std::vector< uint8_t > & get_buffer () const =0
virtual rs_usb_request_callback get_callback () const =0
virtual voidget_client_data () const =0
virtual rs_usb_endpoint get_endpoint () const =0
virtual voidget_native_request () const =0
virtual void set_buffer (const std::vector< uint8_t > &buffer)=0
virtual void set_callback (rs_usb_request_callback callback)=0
virtual void set_client_data (void *data)=0

Protected Member Functions

virtual uint8_tget_native_buffer () const =0
virtual int get_native_buffer_length ()=0
virtual void set_native_buffer (uint8_t *buffer)=0
virtual void set_native_buffer_length (int length)=0

Detailed Description

Definition at line 21 of file usb-request.h.

Member Function Documentation

virtual int librealsense::platform::usb_request::get_actual_length ( ) const
pure virtual
virtual const std::vector<uint8_t>& librealsense::platform::usb_request::get_buffer ( ) const
pure virtual
virtual rs_usb_request_callback librealsense::platform::usb_request::get_callback ( ) const
pure virtual
virtual void* librealsense::platform::usb_request::get_client_data ( ) const
pure virtual
virtual rs_usb_endpoint librealsense::platform::usb_request::get_endpoint ( ) const
pure virtual
virtual uint8_t* librealsense::platform::usb_request::get_native_buffer ( ) const
protectedpure virtual
virtual int librealsense::platform::usb_request::get_native_buffer_length ( )
protectedpure virtual
virtual void* librealsense::platform::usb_request::get_native_request ( ) const
pure virtual
virtual void librealsense::platform::usb_request::set_buffer ( const std::vector< uint8_t > &  buffer)
pure virtual
virtual void librealsense::platform::usb_request::set_callback ( rs_usb_request_callback  callback)
pure virtual
virtual void librealsense::platform::usb_request::set_client_data ( void data)
pure virtual
virtual void librealsense::platform::usb_request::set_native_buffer ( uint8_t buffer)
protectedpure virtual
virtual void librealsense::platform::usb_request::set_native_buffer_length ( int  length)
protectedpure virtual

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