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jsk_topic_tools::Snapshot Class Reference

#include <snapshot_nodelet.h>

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Public Types

typedef boost::shared_ptr< SnapshotPtr
typedef ros::MessageEvent< topic_tools::ShapeShifterShapeShifterEvent

Protected Member Functions

virtual void inputCallback (const boost::shared_ptr< topic_tools::ShapeShifter const > &msg)
virtual void onInit ()
virtual bool requestCallback (std_srvs::Empty::Request &req, std_srvs::Empty::Response &res)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from nodelet::Nodelet
ros::CallbackQueueInterfacegetMTCallbackQueue () const
ros::NodeHandlegetMTNodeHandle () const
ros::NodeHandlegetMTPrivateNodeHandle () const
const V_stringgetMyArgv () const
const std::string & getName () const
ros::NodeHandlegetNodeHandle () const
ros::NodeHandlegetPrivateNodeHandle () const
const M_stringgetRemappingArgs () const
ros::CallbackQueueInterfacegetSTCallbackQueue () const
std::string getSuffixedName (const std::string &suffix) const

Protected Attributes

bool advertised_
bool latch_
boost::mutex mutex_
ros::NodeHandle pnh_
ros::Publisher pub_
ros::Publisher pub_timestamp_
ros::ServiceServer request_service_
bool requested_
ros::Subscriber sub_
bool subscribing_

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Member Functions inherited from nodelet::Nodelet
void init (const std::string &name, const M_string &remapping_args, const V_string &my_argv, ros::CallbackQueueInterface *st_queue=NULL, ros::CallbackQueueInterface *mt_queue=NULL)
 Nodelet ()
virtual ~Nodelet ()

Detailed Description

Definition at line 48 of file snapshot_nodelet.h.

Member Typedef Documentation

Definition at line 52 of file snapshot_nodelet.h.

Definition at line 51 of file snapshot_nodelet.h.

Member Function Documentation

void jsk_topic_tools::Snapshot::inputCallback ( const boost::shared_ptr< topic_tools::ShapeShifter const > &  msg)

Definition at line 56 of file snapshot_nodelet.cpp.

void jsk_topic_tools::Snapshot::onInit ( )

Implements nodelet::Nodelet.

Definition at line 41 of file snapshot_nodelet.cpp.

bool jsk_topic_tools::Snapshot::requestCallback ( std_srvs::Empty::Request &  req,
std_srvs::Empty::Response &  res 

Definition at line 90 of file snapshot_nodelet.cpp.

Member Data Documentation

bool jsk_topic_tools::Snapshot::advertised_

Definition at line 67 of file snapshot_nodelet.h.

bool jsk_topic_tools::Snapshot::latch_

Definition at line 69 of file snapshot_nodelet.h.

boost::mutex jsk_topic_tools::Snapshot::mutex_

Definition at line 61 of file snapshot_nodelet.h.

ros::NodeHandle jsk_topic_tools::Snapshot::pnh_

Definition at line 65 of file snapshot_nodelet.h.

ros::Publisher jsk_topic_tools::Snapshot::pub_

Definition at line 62 of file snapshot_nodelet.h.

ros::Publisher jsk_topic_tools::Snapshot::pub_timestamp_

Definition at line 63 of file snapshot_nodelet.h.

ros::ServiceServer jsk_topic_tools::Snapshot::request_service_

Definition at line 60 of file snapshot_nodelet.h.

bool jsk_topic_tools::Snapshot::requested_

Definition at line 68 of file snapshot_nodelet.h.

ros::Subscriber jsk_topic_tools::Snapshot::sub_

Definition at line 64 of file snapshot_nodelet.h.

bool jsk_topic_tools::Snapshot::subscribing_

Definition at line 66 of file snapshot_nodelet.h.

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