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ecl::BluePrintFactory< QuinticPolynomial > Class Template Reference

Blueprint factory for quintic polynomials. More...

#include <polynomial.hpp>

Public Member Functions

virtual ~BluePrintFactory ()

Static Public Member Functions

static QuinticInterpolation Interpolation (const double x_i, const double y_i, const double ydot_i, const double yddot_i, const double x_f, const double y_f, const double ydot_f, const double yddot_f)
 Blueprint for an interpolating a quintic between two end points using derivatives. More...

Detailed Description

class ecl::BluePrintFactory< QuinticPolynomial >

Blueprint factory for quintic polynomials.

Generates various blueprints that instantiate or configure quintic polynomials with commonly used configurations. This class is inherited by the QuinticPolynomial class, consequently it is simpler to access these blueprints via the inheritance mechanisms than to use this class directly. For example,

QuinticPolynomial quintic = QuinticPolynomial::Interpolation(0.0,0.0,0.0,0.0,1.0,2.0,0.0,0.0);
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Definition at line 950 of file polynomial.hpp.

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Definition at line 974 of file polynomial.hpp.

Member Function Documentation

QuinticInterpolation ecl::BluePrintFactory< QuinticPolynomial >::Interpolation ( const double  x_i,
const double  y_i,
const double  ydot_i,
const double  yddot_i,
const double  x_f,
const double  y_f,
const double  ydot_f,
const double  yddot_f 

Blueprint for an interpolating a quintic between two end points using derivatives.

Generates a blueprint for creating quintic polynomials generated from the conditions imposed by initial and final points..

x_i: initial domain value.
y_i: initial polynomial value.
ydot_i: initial polynomial slope.
yddot_i: initial polynomial curvature.
x_f: final domain value.
y_f: final polynomial value.
ydot_f: final polynomial slope.
yddot_f: final polynomial curvature.
QuinticInterpolation : the resulting blueprint.
See also

Definition at line 225 of file polynomial_blueprints.cpp.

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