Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
tf2::BufferCoreA Class which provides coordinate transforms between any two frames in a system
tf2::ConnectivityExceptionAn exception class to notify of no connection
tf2::impl::Converter< IS_MESSAGE_A, IS_MESSAGE_B >
tf2::ExtrapolationExceptionAn exception class to notify that the requested value would have required extrapolation beyond current limits
tf2::InvalidArgumentExceptionAn exception class to notify that one of the arguments is invalid
tf2::LookupExceptionAn exception class to notify of bad frame number
tf2::Matrix3x3Implements a 3x3 rotation matrix, to perform linear algebra in combination with Quaternion, Transform and Vector3. Make sure to only include a pure orthogonal matrix without scaling
tf2::Matrix3x3DoubleDataFor serialization
tf2::Matrix3x3FloatDataFor serialization
tf2::QuaternionThe Quaternion implements quaternion to perform linear algebra rotations in combination with Matrix3x3, Vector3 and Transform
tf2::Stamped< T >The data type which will be cross compatable with geometry_msgs This is the tf2 datatype equivilant of a MessageStamped
tf2TypedObjectRudimentary class to provide type info
tf2::TimeCacheA class to keep a sorted linked list in time This builds and maintains a list of timestamped data. And provides lookup functions to get data out as a function of time
tf2::TimeoutExceptionAn exception class to notify that a timeout has occured
tf2::TransformSupports rigid transforms with only translation and rotation and no scaling/shear. It can be used in combination with Vector3, Quaternion and Matrix3x3 linear algebra classes
tf2::TransformExceptionA base class for all tf2 exceptions This inherits from ros::exception which inherits from std::runtime_exception
tf2::TransformFloatDataFor serialization
tf2::TransformStorageStorage for transforms and their parent

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