Class Scan

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class Scan : public nav2_collision_monitor::Source

Implementation for laser scanner source.

Public Functions

Scan(const nav2_util::LifecycleNode::WeakPtr &node, const std::string &source_name, const std::shared_ptr<tf2_ros::Buffer> tf_buffer, const std::string &base_frame_id, const std::string &global_frame_id, const tf2::Duration &transform_tolerance, const rclcpp::Duration &source_timeout, const bool base_shift_correction)

Scan constructor.

  • node – Collision Monitor node pointer

  • source_name – Name of data source

  • tf_buffer – Shared pointer to a TF buffer

  • base_frame_id – Robot base frame ID. The output data will be transformed into this frame.

  • global_frame_id – Global frame ID for correct transform calculation

  • transform_tolerance – Transform tolerance

  • source_timeout – Maximum time interval in which data is considered valid

  • base_shift_correction – Whether to correct source data towards to base frame movement, considering the difference between current time and latest source time


Scan destructor.

void configure()

Data source configuration routine. Obtains ROS-parameters and creates laser scanner subscriber.

virtual void getData(const rclcpp::Time &curr_time, std::vector<Point> &data) const

Adds latest data from laser scanner to the data array.

  • curr_time – Current node time for data interpolation

  • data – Array where the data from source to be added. Added data is transformed to base_frame_id_ coordinate system at curr_time.

Protected Functions

void dataCallback(sensor_msgs::msg::LaserScan::ConstSharedPtr msg)

Laser scanner data callback.


msg – Shared pointer to LaserScan message

Protected Attributes

rclcpp::Subscription<sensor_msgs::msg::LaserScan>::SharedPtr data_sub_

Laser scanner data subscriber.

sensor_msgs::msg::LaserScan::ConstSharedPtr data_

Latest data obtained from laser scanner.