Class PointCloud

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class PointCloud : public nav2_collision_monitor::Source

Implementation for pointcloud source.

Public Functions

PointCloud(const nav2_util::LifecycleNode::WeakPtr &node, const std::string &source_name, const std::shared_ptr<tf2_ros::Buffer> tf_buffer, const std::string &base_frame_id, const std::string &global_frame_id, const tf2::Duration &transform_tolerance, const rclcpp::Duration &source_timeout, const bool base_shift_correction)

PointCloud constructor.

  • node – Collision Monitor node pointer

  • source_name – Name of data source

  • tf_buffer – Shared pointer to a TF buffer

  • base_frame_id – Robot base frame ID. The output data will be transformed into this frame.

  • global_frame_id – Global frame ID for correct transform calculation

  • transform_tolerance – Transform tolerance

  • source_timeout – Maximum time interval in which data is considered valid

  • base_shift_correction – Whether to correct source data towards to base frame movement, considering the difference between current time and latest source time


PointCloud destructor.

void configure()

Data source configuration routine. Obtains pointcloud related ROS-parameters and creates pointcloud subscriber.

virtual void getData(const rclcpp::Time &curr_time, std::vector<Point> &data) const

Adds latest data from pointcloud source to the data array.

  • curr_time – Current node time for data interpolation

  • data – Array where the data from source to be added. Added data is transformed to base_frame_id_ coordinate system at curr_time.

Protected Functions

void getParameters(std::string &source_topic)

Getting sensor-specific ROS-parameters.


source_topic – Output name of source subscription topic

void dataCallback(sensor_msgs::msg::PointCloud2::ConstSharedPtr msg)

PointCloud data callback.


msg – Shared pointer to PointCloud message

Protected Attributes

rclcpp::Subscription<sensor_msgs::msg::PointCloud2>::SharedPtr data_sub_

PointCloud data subscriber.

double min_height_
double max_height_
sensor_msgs::msg::PointCloud2::ConstSharedPtr data_

Latest data obtained from pointcloud.