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class Polygon

Basic polygon shape class. For STOP/SLOWDOWN/LIMIT model it represents zone around the robot while for APPROACH model it represents robot footprint.

Subclassed by nav2_collision_monitor::Circle

Public Functions

Polygon(const nav2_util::LifecycleNode::WeakPtr &node, const std::string &polygon_name, const std::shared_ptr<tf2_ros::Buffer> tf_buffer, const std::string &base_frame_id, const tf2::Duration &transform_tolerance)

Polygon constructor.

  • node – Collision Monitor node pointer

  • polygon_name – Name of polygon

  • tf_buffer – Shared pointer to a TF buffer

  • base_frame_id – Robot base frame ID

  • transform_tolerance – Transform tolerance

virtual ~Polygon()

Polygon destructor.

bool configure()

Shape configuration routine. Obtains ROS-parameters related to shape object and creates polygon lifecycle publisher.


True in case of everything is configured correctly, or false otherwise

void activate()

Activates polygon lifecycle publisher.

void deactivate()

Deactivates polygon lifecycle publisher.

std::string getName() const

Returns the name of polygon.


Polygon name

ActionType getActionType() const

Obtains polygon action type.


Action type for current polygon

int getMinPoints() const

Obtains polygon minimum points to enter inside polygon causing the action.


Minimum number of data readings within a zone to trigger the action

double getSlowdownRatio() const

Obtains speed slowdown ratio for current polygon. Applicable for SLOWDOWN model.


Speed slowdown ratio

double getLinearLimit() const

Obtains speed linear limit for current polygon. Applicable for LIMIT model.


Speed linear limit

double getAngularLimit() const

Obtains speed angular z limit for current polygon. Applicable for LIMIT model.


Speed angular limit

double getTimeBeforeCollision() const

Obtains required time before collision for current polygon. Applicable for APPROACH model.


Time before collision in seconds

virtual void getPolygon(std::vector<Point> &poly) const

Gets polygon points.


poly – Output polygon points (vertices)

virtual bool isShapeSet()

Returns true if polygon points were set. Othewise, prints a warning and returns false.

void updatePolygon()

Updates polygon from footprint subscriber (if any)

virtual int getPointsInside(const std::vector<Point> &points) const

Gets number of points inside given polygon.


points – Input array of points to be checked


Number of points inside polygon. If there are no points, returns zero value.

double getCollisionTime(const std::vector<Point> &collision_points, const Velocity &velocity) const

Obtains estimated (simulated) time before a collision. Applicable for APPROACH model.

  • collision_points – Array of 2D obstacle points

  • velocity – Simulated robot velocity


Estimated time before a collision. If there is no collision, return value will be negative.

void publish()

Publishes polygon message into a its own topic.

Protected Functions

bool getCommonParameters(std::string &polygon_pub_topic)

Supporting routine obtaining ROS-parameters common for all shapes.


polygon_pub_topic – Output name of polygon publishing topic


True if all parameters were obtained or false in failure case

virtual bool getParameters(std::string &polygon_sub_topic, std::string &polygon_pub_topic, std::string &footprint_topic)

Supporting routine obtaining polygon-specific ROS-parameters.

polygon_sub_topic Output name of polygon subscription topic. Empty, if no polygon subscription.

  • polygon_pub_topic – Output name of polygon publishing topic

  • footprint_topic – Output name of footprint topic. Empty, if no footprint subscription.


True if all parameters were obtained or false in failure case

void updatePolygon(geometry_msgs::msg::PolygonStamped::ConstSharedPtr msg)

Updates polygon from geometry_msgs::msg::PolygonStamped message.


msg – Message to update polygon from

void polygonCallback(geometry_msgs::msg::PolygonStamped::ConstSharedPtr msg)

Dynamic polygon callback.


msg – Shared pointer to the polygon message

bool isPointInside(const Point &point) const

Checks if point is inside polygon.


point – Given point to check


True if given point is inside polygon, otherwise false

Protected Attributes

nav2_util::LifecycleNode::WeakPtr node_

Collision Monitor node.

rclcpp::Logger logger_ = {rclcpp::get_logger("collision_monitor")}

Collision monitor node logger stored for further usage.

std::string polygon_name_

Name of polygon.

ActionType action_type_

Action type for the polygon.

int min_points_

Minimum number of data readings within a zone to trigger the action.

double slowdown_ratio_

Robot slowdown (share of its actual speed)

double linear_limit_

Robot linear limit.

double angular_limit_

Robot angular limit.

double time_before_collision_

Time before collision in seconds.

double simulation_time_step_

Time step for robot movement simulation.

rclcpp::Subscription<geometry_msgs::msg::PolygonStamped>::SharedPtr polygon_sub_

Polygon subscription.

std::unique_ptr<nav2_costmap_2d::FootprintSubscriber> footprint_sub_

Footprint subscriber.

std::shared_ptr<tf2_ros::Buffer> tf_buffer_

TF buffer.

std::string base_frame_id_

Base frame ID.

tf2::Duration transform_tolerance_

Transform tolerance.

bool visualize_

Whether to publish the polygon.

geometry_msgs::msg::PolygonStamped polygon_

Polygon, used for: 1. visualization; 2. storing latest dynamic polygon message.

rclcpp_lifecycle::LifecyclePublisher<geometry_msgs::msg::PolygonStamped>::SharedPtr polygon_pub_

Polygon publisher for visualization purposes.

std::vector<Point> poly_

Polygon points (vertices) in a base_frame_id_.