Class Circle

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class Circle : public nav2_collision_monitor::Polygon

Circle shape implementaiton. For STOP/SLOWDOWN/LIMIT model it represents zone around the robot while for APPROACH model it represents robot footprint.

Public Functions

Circle(const nav2_util::LifecycleNode::WeakPtr &node, const std::string &polygon_name, const std::shared_ptr<tf2_ros::Buffer> tf_buffer, const std::string &base_frame_id, const tf2::Duration &transform_tolerance)

Circle class constructor.

  • node – Collision Monitor node pointer

  • polygon_name – Name of circle

  • tf_buffer – Shared pointer to a TF buffer

  • base_frame_id – Robot base frame ID

  • transform_tolerance – Transform tolerance


Circle class destructor.

virtual void getPolygon(std::vector<Point> &poly) const override

Gets polygon points, approximated to the circle. To be used in visualization purposes.


poly – Output polygon points (vertices)

virtual int getPointsInside(const std::vector<Point> &points) const override

Gets number of points inside circle.


points – Input array of points to be checked


Number of points inside circle. If there are no points, returns zero value.

inline virtual bool isShapeSet() override

Specifies that the shape is always set for a circle object.

Protected Functions

virtual bool getParameters(std::string &polygon_sub_topic, std::string &polygon_pub_topic, std::string &footprint_topic) override

Supporting routine obtaining polygon-specific ROS-parameters.

polygon_sub_topic Input name of polygon subscription topic

  • polygon_pub_topic – Output name of polygon publishing topic

  • footprint_topic – Output name of footprint topic. For Circle returns empty string, there is no footprint subscription in this class.


True if all parameters were obtained or false in failure case

Protected Attributes

double radius_

Radius of the circle.

double radius_squared_

(radius * radius) value. Stored for optimization.