rgbdslam_v2 Documentation


rgbdslam (v2) is a SLAM solution for RGB-D cameras. It provides the current pose of the camera and allows to create a registered point cloud or an octomap. It features a GUI interface for easy usage, but can also be controlled by ROS service calls, e.g., when running on a robot. For installation and usage instructions see the README file of the github repository.

RGBD-SLAM Implements a SLAM-Frontend based on structure from motion using visual features to identify keypoints in the RGBD image of a kinect. It makes use of the g2o SLAM backend to compute a globally consistent trajectory from the individual transformations provided by the frontend.


The main classes are the following:

The following classes are mainly for communication with ROS and the user:

Author(s): Felix Endres, Juergen Hess, Nikolas Engelhard
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