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karto::SensorDataManager Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

void AddObject (LocalizedObject *pObject, kt_int32s uniqueId)
void AddRunningScan (LocalizedLaserScan *pScan)
void Clear ()
LocalizedLaserScanGetLastScan ()
LocalizedObjectListGetObjects ()
LocalizedLaserScanListGetRunningScans ()
kt_int32s GetScanIndex (LocalizedLaserScan *pScan)
LocalizedLaserScanListGetScans ()
 SensorDataManager (kt_int32u runningBufferMaximumSize, kt_double runningBufferMaximumDistance)
void SetLastScan (LocalizedLaserScan *pScan)
virtual ~SensorDataManager ()

Static Private Member Functions

static kt_int32s ScanIndexComparator (const LocalizedLaserScanPtr &pScan1, const LocalizedLaserScanPtr &pScan2)

Private Attributes

LocalizedObjectList m_Objects
LocalizedLaserScanPtr m_pLastScan
kt_double m_RunningBufferMaximumDistance
kt_int32u m_RunningBufferMaximumSize
LocalizedLaserScanList m_RunningScans
LocalizedLaserScanList m_Scans

Detailed Description

Manages the data for a sensor

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

karto::SensorDataManager::SensorDataManager ( kt_int32u  runningBufferMaximumSize,
kt_double  runningBufferMaximumDistance 
) [inline]

Default constructor

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virtual karto::SensorDataManager::~SensorDataManager ( ) [inline, virtual]


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Member Function Documentation

void karto::SensorDataManager::AddObject ( LocalizedObject pObject,
kt_int32s  uniqueId 
) [inline]

Adds objects to list of objects, tagging object with given unique id; if object is a scan, then scan gets added to list of processed scans

uniqueIdunique id

Definition at line 79 of file OpenMapper.cpp.

Adds scan to list of running scans


Definition at line 157 of file OpenMapper.cpp.

Deletes data of this buffered sensor

Definition at line 182 of file OpenMapper.cpp.

Gets last scan

last localized scan

Definition at line 101 of file OpenMapper.cpp.

Gets objects


Definition at line 119 of file OpenMapper.cpp.

Gets running scans

running scans

Definition at line 148 of file OpenMapper.cpp.

Gets index of scan in sensor's list of scans

index into scans list; -1 if not found

Definition at line 138 of file OpenMapper.cpp.

Gets scans


Definition at line 128 of file OpenMapper.cpp.

static kt_int32s karto::SensorDataManager::ScanIndexComparator ( const LocalizedLaserScanPtr pScan1,
const LocalizedLaserScanPtr pScan2 
) [inline, static, private]

Definition at line 191 of file OpenMapper.cpp.

Sets the last scan


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Member Data Documentation

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