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map_ray_caster::MapRayCaster Class Reference

#include <map_ray_caster.h>

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Public Member Functions

const std::vector< size_t > & getRayCastToMapBorder (const double angle, const size_t nrow, const size_t ncol, const double tolerance=0)
void laserScanCast (const nav_msgs::OccupancyGrid &map, sensor_msgs::LaserScan &scan)
size_t lookupSize () const
 MapRayCaster (const int occupied_threshold=60)

Private Member Functions

RayLookup::const_iterator angleLookup (const double angle, const double tolerance)

Private Attributes

size_t ncol_
 Map width used in the cache.
size_t nrow_
 Map height used in the cache.
int occupied_threshold_
RayLookup raycast_lookup_

Detailed Description

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

map_ray_caster::MapRayCaster::MapRayCaster ( const int  occupied_threshold = 60)

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Member Function Documentation

RayLookup::const_iterator map_ray_caster::MapRayCaster::angleLookup ( const double  angle,
const double  tolerance 
) [private]

Return an iterator to the closest key (angle) in the cache.

The iterator to the closest key (angle) in the cache, if this angle is close enough to the desired angle. Otherwise, return the past the last iterator.

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const std::vector< size_t > & map_ray_caster::MapRayCaster::getRayCastToMapBorder ( const double  angle,
const size_t  nrow,
const size_t  ncol,
const double  tolerance = 0 

Return the list of pixel indexes from map center to pixel at map border and given angle

The Bresenham algorithm is used.

[in]anglebeam angle.
[in]nrowimage height.
[in]ncolimage width.
The list of pixel indexes from map center to pixel at map border and given angle.

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void map_ray_caster::MapRayCaster::laserScanCast ( const nav_msgs::OccupancyGrid &  map,
sensor_msgs::LaserScan &  scan 

Fill the ranges attributes with distances to obstacle

The ray casting will be from scan.angle_min to scan.angle_max, so that the scan message must be initialized with non-default values.

[in]mapoccupancy grid.
[in,out]scanLaserScan. scan.angle_min, scan.angle_max, scan.increment, scan.range_max will be used as input and must have non-null values. scan.ranges will set as output.

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size_t map_ray_caster::MapRayCaster::lookupSize ( ) const [inline]

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Member Data Documentation

Map width used in the cache.

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Map height used in the cache.

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