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map_ray_caster Namespace Reference


class  MapRayCaster


typedef std::map< double,
std::vector< size_t > > 


size_t colFromOffset (const size_t offset, const size_t ncol)
void indexToReal (const nav_msgs::OccupancyGrid &map, const size_t index, geometry_msgs::Point32 &point)
size_t offsetFromRowCol (const size_t row, const size_t col, const size_t ncol)
bool pointInMap (const int row, const int col, const size_t nrow, const size_t ncol)
bool pointOccupied (const nav_msgs::OccupancyGrid &map, const int index, const int occupied_threshold)
size_t rowFromOffset (const size_t offset, const size_t ncol)

Typedef Documentation

typedef std::map<double, std::vector<size_t> > map_ray_caster::RayLookup

Definition at line 20 of file map_ray_caster.h.

Function Documentation

size_t map_ray_caster::colFromOffset ( const size_t  offset,
const size_t  ncol 
) [inline]

Definition at line 19 of file ray_caster_utils.h.

void map_ray_caster::indexToReal ( const nav_msgs::OccupancyGrid &  map,
const size_t  index,
geometry_msgs::Point32 &  point 
) [inline]

Definition at line 42 of file ray_caster_utils.h.

size_t map_ray_caster::offsetFromRowCol ( const size_t  row,
const size_t  col,
const size_t  ncol 
) [inline]

Definition at line 26 of file ray_caster_utils.h.

bool map_ray_caster::pointInMap ( const int  row,
const int  col,
const size_t  nrow,
const size_t  ncol 
) [inline]

Definition at line 33 of file ray_caster_utils.h.

bool map_ray_caster::pointOccupied ( const nav_msgs::OccupancyGrid &  map,
const int  index,
const int  occupied_threshold 
) [inline]

Return true if the map point is occupied.

Definition at line 13 of file map_ray_caster.cpp.

size_t map_ray_caster::rowFromOffset ( const size_t  offset,
const size_t  ncol 
) [inline]

Definition at line 12 of file ray_caster_utils.h.

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