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rs::frame Class Reference

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#include <rs.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

 frame ()
 frame (rs_device *device, rs_frame_ref *frame_ref)
 frame (frame &&other)
int get_bpp () const
 Retrieves bits per pixel.
const voidget_data () const
format get_format () const
 Retrieves frame format.
double get_frame_metadata (rs_frame_metadata frame_metadata) const
unsigned long long get_frame_number () const
timestamp_domain get_frame_timestamp_domain () const
int get_framerate () const
 Returns configured frame rate.
int get_height () const
 Returns image height in pixels.
stream get_stream_type () const
 Retrieves frame stream type.
int get_stride () const
 Retrieves frame stride, meaning the actual line width in memory in bytes (not the logical image width)
double get_timestamp () const
int get_width () const
 Returns image width in pixels.
frameoperator= (frame other)
bool supports_frame_metadata (rs_frame_metadata frame_metadata) const
void swap (frame &other)
 ~frame ()

Private Member Functions

 frame (const frame &)

Private Attributes


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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

rs::frame::frame ( const frame ) [private]
rs::frame::frame ( ) [inline]

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rs::frame::frame ( rs_device device,
rs_frame_ref frame_ref 
) [inline]

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rs::frame::frame ( frame &&  other) [inline]

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rs::frame::~frame ( ) [inline]

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Member Function Documentation

int rs::frame::get_bpp ( ) const [inline]

Retrieves bits per pixel.

Number of bits per one pixel

Definition at line 524 of file rs.hpp.

const void* rs::frame::get_data ( ) const [inline]

Retrieves frame content

Frame content

Definition at line 478 of file rs.hpp.

format rs::frame::get_format ( ) const [inline]

Retrieves frame format.

Frame format

Definition at line 534 of file rs.hpp.

double rs::frame::get_frame_metadata ( rs_frame_metadata  frame_metadata) const [inline]

Retrieves the current value of a single frame_metadata

[in]frame_metadataFrame metadata whose value should be retrieved
Value of frame_metadata

Definition at line 447 of file rs.hpp.

unsigned long long rs::frame::get_frame_number ( ) const [inline]

Retrieves frame number

Frame number

Definition at line 468 of file rs.hpp.

Retrieves the timestamp domain

Timestamp domain (clock name) for timestamp values

Definition at line 436 of file rs.hpp.

int rs::frame::get_framerate ( ) const [inline]

Returns configured frame rate.

Definition at line 505 of file rs.hpp.

int rs::frame::get_height ( ) const [inline]

Returns image height in pixels.

Definition at line 496 of file rs.hpp.

stream rs::frame::get_stream_type ( ) const [inline]

Retrieves frame stream type.

Frame stream type

Definition at line 544 of file rs.hpp.

int rs::frame::get_stride ( ) const [inline]

Retrieves frame stride, meaning the actual line width in memory in bytes (not the logical image width)

Definition at line 514 of file rs.hpp.

double rs::frame::get_timestamp ( ) const [inline]

Retrieves time at which frame was captured

Timestamp of the frame, in milliseconds since the device was started

Definition at line 426 of file rs.hpp.

int rs::frame::get_width ( ) const [inline]

Returns image width in pixels.

Definition at line 487 of file rs.hpp.

frame& rs::frame::operator= ( frame  other) [inline]

Definition at line 403 of file rs.hpp.

bool rs::frame::supports_frame_metadata ( rs_frame_metadata  frame_metadata) const [inline]

Determines if device allows specific metadata to be queried

[in]frame_metadataFrame_metadata to check for support
true if the frame_metadata can be queried

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void rs::frame::swap ( frame other) [inline]

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Member Data Documentation

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