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Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
descartes_core::FrameFrame is a wrapper for an affine frame transform. Frame inverse can also be stored for increased speed in downstream calculations
descartes_core::detail::IdGenerator< uint64_t >This specialization of the id generator uses a 64 bit unsigned integer for the unique 'state'. Zero is reserved as a special value
descartes_core::RobotModelRobotModel defines the interface to a kinematics/dynamics functions. Implementations of this class will be used in conjunction with TrajectoryPt objects to determine forward and inverse kinematics
descartes_core::TimingConstraintA window of time for this point to be achieved relative to a previous point or the starting position
descartes_core::TrajectoryID_< T >TrajectoryID_ represents a unique id to be associated with a TrajectoryPt

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