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Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
AprilTags::Gridder< T >::Cell
AprilTags::UnionFindSimple::DataIdentifies parent ids and sizes
AprilTags::EdgeRepresents an edge between adjacent pixels in the image
AprilTags::FloatImageRepresent an image as a vector of floats in [0,1]
AprilTags::GLine2DA 2D line
AprilTags::GLineSegment2DA 2D line with endpoints
AprilTags::GrayModelFits a grayscale model over an area of pixels
AprilTags::Gridder< T >A lookup table in 2D for implementing nearest neighbor
Homography33Compute 3x3 homography using Direct Linear Transform
AprilTags::Gridder< T >::IteratorIterator for Segment class
AprilTags::MathUtilMiscellaneous math utilities and fast exp functions
AprilTags::QuadRepresents four segments that form a loop, and might be a tag
AprilTags::SegmentRepresents a line fit to a set of pixels whose gradients are similiar
AprilTags::TagFamily::TableInitializerInitializes the static popCountTable
AprilTags::TagFamilyGeneric class for all tag encoding families
AprilTags::UnionFindSimpleImplementation of disjoint set data structure using the union-find algorithm
AprilTags::XYWeightRepresents a triple holding an x value, y value, and weight value

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