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class  AcmUsbEndpoints

Public Member Functions

 AcmDevice (UsbDeviceConnection usbDeviceConnection, UsbDevice usbDevice)
void close ()
InputStream getInputStream ()
OutputStream getOutputStream ()
UsbDevice getUsbDevice ()
UsbInterface getUsbInterface ()
void setLineCoding (BitRate bitRate, StopBits stopBits, Parity parity, DataBits dataBits)

Private Member Functions

AcmUsbEndpoints getAcmEndpoints (UsbInterface usbInterface)
void setLineCoding (byte[] lineCoding)

Private Attributes

final InputStream inputStream
final OutputStream outputStream
final UsbDevice usbDevice
final UsbDeviceConnection usbDeviceConnection
final UsbInterface usbInterface
final UsbRequestPool usbRequestPool

Static Private Attributes

static final int CONTROL_TRANSFER_TIMEOUT = 3000
static final Log log = LogFactory.getLog(AcmDevice.class)

Detailed Description

Author: (Damon Kohler)

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation ( UsbDeviceConnection  usbDeviceConnection,
UsbDevice  usbDevice 
) [inline]

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Member Function Documentation

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AcmUsbEndpoints ( UsbInterface  usbInterface) [inline, private]

Goes through the given UsbInterface's endpoints and finds the incoming and outgoing bulk transfer endpoints.

Array with incoming (first) and outgoing (second) USB endpoints
null in case either of the endpoints is not found

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void ( BitRate  bitRate,
StopBits  stopBits,
Parity  parity,
DataBits  dataBits 
) [inline]

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void ( byte[]  lineCoding) [inline, private]

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Member Data Documentation

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final Log = LogFactory.getLog(AcmDevice.class) [static, private]

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