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setup.Build Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

def has_c_libraries
def has_doc_files
def has_ext_modules
def has_idl_files
def has_pure_modules
def has_scripts

Static Public Attributes

list sub_commands

Detailed Description

This is here just to override default sub_commands list of build class.
We added 'build_idl' item.

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Member Function Documentation

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def setup.Build.has_doc_files (   self)

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def setup.Build.has_idl_files (   self)

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def setup.Build.has_scripts (   self)

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Member Data Documentation

Initial value:
[('build_doc',     has_doc_files),
                  ('build_idl',     has_idl_files),
                  ('build_py',      has_pure_modules),
                  ('build_clib',    has_c_libraries),
                  ('build_ext',     has_ext_modules),
                  ('build_scripts', has_scripts)]

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