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mesh_filter Namespace Reference


class  DepthSelfFiltering
 Nodelet for filtering meshes from depth images. e.g. meshes of the robot or any attached object where a transformation can be provided for. More...
class  FilterJob
class  FilterJob< void >
class  GLMesh
 GLMesh represents a mesh from geometric_shapes for rendering in GL frame buffers. More...
class  GLRenderer
 Abstracts the OpenGL frame buffer objects, and provides an interface to render meshes, and retrieve the color and depth ap from opengl. More...
class  Job
 This class is used to execute functions within the thread that holds the OpenGL context. More...
class  MeshFilter
 MeshFilter filters out points that belong to given meshes in depth-images. More...
class  MeshFilterBase
class  SensorModel
 Abstract Interface defining a sensor model for mesh filtering. More...
class  StereoCameraModel
 Model for Disparity based devices. E.g stereo camera systems or OpenNI compatible devices. More...


typedef uint32_t LabelType
typedef unsigned int MeshHandle

Typedef Documentation

typedef uint32_t mesh_filter::LabelType

Definition at line 61 of file mesh_filter_base.h.

typedef unsigned int mesh_filter::MeshHandle

Definition at line 58 of file mesh_filter_base.h.

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