Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
mesh_filter::DepthSelfFilteringNodelet for filtering meshes from depth images. e.g. meshes of the robot or any attached object where a transformation can be provided for
mesh_filter::FilterJob< ReturnType >
mesh_filter::FilterJob< void >
mesh_filter_test::FilterTraits< Type >
mesh_filter_test::FilterTraits< float >
mesh_filter_test::FilterTraits< unsigned short >
mesh_filter::GLMeshGLMesh represents a mesh from geometric_shapes for rendering in GL frame buffers
mesh_filter::GLRendererAbstracts the OpenGL frame buffer objects, and provides an interface to render meshes, and retrieve the color and depth ap from opengl
mesh_filter::JobThis class is used to execute functions within the thread that holds the OpenGL context
mesh_filter::MeshFilter< SensorType >MeshFilter filters out points that belong to given meshes in depth-images
mesh_filter_test::MeshFilterTest< Type >
occupancy_map_monitor::OccupancyMapUpdaterBase class for classes which update the occupancy map
mesh_filter::SensorModel::ParametersAbstract Interface defining Sensor Parameters
mesh_filter::StereoCameraModel::ParametersParameters for Stereo-like devices
moveit::semantic_world::SemanticWorldA (simple) semantic world representation for pick and place and other tasks
mesh_filter::SensorModelAbstract Interface defining a sensor model for mesh filtering
point_containment_filter::ShapeMaskComputing a mask for a pointcloud that states which points are inside the robot
mesh_filter::StereoCameraModelModel for Disparity based devices. E.g stereo camera systems or OpenNI compatible devices
TransformProvider::TransformContextContext Object for registered frames
TransformProviderClass that caches and updates transformations for given frames

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