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Here is a list of all files with brief descriptions:
find_devices.cpp [code]Detect the presence of FTDI devices
flasher.cpp [code]Flash ftdi chip's serial number with 'kobuki_' prefix
ftdi_kobuki.cpp [code]Write an id string to the requested ftdi device
ftdi_read_eeprom.cpp [code]Reads a chip and saves the result as an eeprom binary file
ftdi_scan.cpp [code]Scan existing ftdi chips and print out their serial id strings
ftdi_write_eeprom.cpp [code]Reads an eeprom binary saved as a file and write this to the chip. Use this to rewrite good eeprom binaries (or our saved eeproms/eeprom.original) when you've mangled one
get_serial_number.cpp [code]Print serial number of all the FTDI devices connected. With name of manufacture and product
overwrite_serial_number.cpp [code]Overwrite serial number of ftdi device
reset_device.cpp [code]Reset the all FTDI devices connected to load it again as standard tty device. After the flashing serial number
scanner.hpp [code]Scan the usb devices, and retrieve its serial id and else descriptions, especially for ftdi devices
unflasher.cpp [code]Flash ftdi chip's serial number with 'kobuki_' prefix
writer.hpp [code]Provides common modulde for wrting serial number and other data into the eeprom of ftdi chip

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